Dee Jay, combo into ultra

i’m a beginner at SSF4 and want to start with Dee Jay but i couldn’t find any useful combo to use his ultra (the dash u2 is too hard, and without dash it only works in the corner).
Does anyone has a good combo into ultra for me?


Nope sorry. Apart from after a focus attack that’s about it.

Unless of course, the numerous ways to combo into U2 off a juggle, AA slide, or EX MGU in the corner.

But most beginners can’t easily utilizes the pretzel anyways, so its a moot point. But you should realize that Deejay isn’t really an Ultra character. Something he shares in common with Fei Long or Akuma. You only use it when you have the opportunity, you aren’t looking for chances to hit, everytime you get it.

Ahh, didn’t now that
Thanks for the answers:wgrin:

Anti Air Slide Ultra?

It doesn’t happen often, but it’s not really that hard so it’s somethign you don’t have to bust your balls practicing and it’s a nice thing to have under your belt for those rare moments it comes to pass.

EX MGU to Ultra 1. It only hits 3 times, but it’s better then no ultra combo at all if you’re having problems with EX MGU -> Dash -> Ultra 2.

i dont reccomend doing EX MG into ultra 1 but do EX MG <<Dash<<ultra 2

sadly nothing really reliable can be combo’d into U2 much less U1. I still stick to U1 as a Counter ultra and even as a chipping ultra…I have horrible luck with U2

^ just because you can’t do something you shouldn’t name it as fact. I don’t drop dash ultra in AE offline. its so free in this game. when people start getting it they’ll feel like i did.

“How come i wasn’t getting this before?”

I stand by what I said. it’s no reliable. easier to pull off in AE but it’s it’s not free that’s for sure. saying that is stating as a fact when it’s not. compared to other characters it’s not like other stupid easy setups like Ryu. Dash to U2 is possible but aside from it what else is there? again I though roll U1.

we’re going to have to agree to disagree because i was one of less than 5 deejay’s doing it in Super and THAT was hard.

I say its free because i do it without thinking and don’t drop it offline.

Its not free, but compared to Super. This should be a standard. It is reliable now. If you don’t have it you’re missing out on comeback potential and i think its going to hurt your deejay in the long run especially if you’re a tournament player.

Look at Da Knut.
He has a nice deejay, but in bad matchups he has nothing to make his way back into the match except a hard knockdown and an ambiguous crossup. You need damage which deejay has very little of. Its better now than before, but still.


da knut is pulling the wool over everyones eyes, he hit me with a dash ultra in ranked earlier today, dont let him fool you too.

He said he had been working on it. You should have it too.

you already know i got it. im like 100% training mode/offline but for some reason online its not uncommon for me to miss it

Haha I didn’t want to assume anything
Online I’m at least 80%
We need to go to a team tournament with a sakura as our third and call it team dash ultra.

Dash u2 is reliable. And if you are playing this game on a competitive level, you won’t win to many games against high level opponents. U1 is one of the worst ultras in the game

That wasn’t me

i can do dash ultra 80% of the time, i can do MGU > dash ultra 50%, I can do mgu > dash ultra in a live match 0% of the time. Anyone else have this problem

No I’m a real DJ player lol. Learn the timing and get those dash inputs crispy son. You’ll get it.

I couldn’t do MGU dash U2 in super I still can’t pull it in AE. It’s the only thing I can’t do with Dee Jay. I struggle with buffers on charge characters. Any other character it’s not a problem. I don’t want to give up my fave character but I haven’t been able to get down buffering for years.

U1 may be bad but I do what I can to make it work.

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