Dee Jay corner pressure



So yeah, I remember a similar video that came out once SSF4 was released:

The player uses a corner combo xx ex air slasher and link cr lp /cr lk/cr mp/cr mk to combo more ex moves(ex air slasher 3 times).

So here is my favorite corner combo. Jump in HK (130 dmg!) or jump in MK, st mk, ex air slasher -> cr lp, cr lp xx ex sobat kicks
or cr lp, cr mp xx ex mgu xx upkicks x2 ( or ex upkicks x1)

This means that our beloved DJ has gotten a better mix up game in the corner. If they are in the corner and you are close, NEUTRAL HK works also, but it does 120 dmg instead of 130. You can also link neutral jump mk i think. I would make a video, but my camera is crappy, I will buy one soon if i can find a deal on cyber monday.

I’ve done combos that hit near 400 dmg off one ex bar. Let alone the though of using 2-3 ex bars.

Thoughts? I’m sure RJ, Knut and Boom can cosign on this.
The timing isn’t that bad because if you want more damage with only one bar, you could just do cr lp lp cr mp xx hk sobat kicks.


that video is crazy, i know normal AS has enough hit stun to combo off of it, but making it hit that late to get is neat. im still trying to see if point blank AS in corner -> cr.lp works.

um, cr.lp -> sobat doesnt combo, unless you probably mean

Deejay is pretty cool if he puts them in the corner, with AS being + on block, and knee shot pressure,


I meant c lp c lp c mp sorry


That’s a hot combo. I’ll give it a go because I’ve been using the EX air slasher corner combos more recentaly so it’ll be nice to not have to use so much EX bar.


i’ve just been sweep frame trapping. i’ve seen this done before but never realized that the damage is worth it.


That’s because scaling comes into play. A rule of thumb is anything over 2 bars use isn’t worth it, especially if it’s something you can mess up. EX MGU in particular scales hard.

Anyways my corner combo is jump in hk > c.hp > ex air slasher > focus level 2 > dash in > xx mk upkick > mk upkick


Well now we have a great mix up with neutral mk/hp/hk. Why not do c lp cr mp xx mk upkick x2 so that its easier to keep your charge?


When I have 2 or more bars, my favorite combo is:

Deep J.HK, cr.mpxx EX AS, cr.lpxx EX MGU, mk upkick, mk upkick

That’s a little over 410 damage


cr.lp xx EX AS > cr.lp xx EX MGU > hk upkicks is one of his trials. I was wondering just this morning how useful that link would be. A compilation of a few of his corner combos and the relative damage. Machine gun upper tends to scale oddly (I’ve seen odd percentages in training mode) but the damage listed should be accurate. I’m throwing in some non-corner combos for comparison. I’m not at home so I can’t check the pushback, but you should be able to use cr.hp intead of for an extra 20 damage in each of these combos as long as you hit the jumpin deep enough., cr.hp xx HK Sobat [316] (non-corner), xx EX AS > cr.lp xx HP MGU (MASH) [383] (1 meter), xx EX AS > cr.lp > xx HK Sobat [390] (1 meter), xx EX AS > cr.lp > xx HP MGU (MASH) [400] (1 meter), xx EX AS > cr.lp xx EX MGU, mk upkick, mk upkick [410] (2 meter), cr.hp xx EX AS > FA lvl 2, dash, xx mk upkick, mk upkick [439] (3 meter), xx EX AS > cr.lp xx EX MGU (MASH), mk upkick, mk upkick [442] (2 meter), cr.hp xx HK sobat xx Super [529] (non-corner) (4 meter), xx EX MGU, U2 [581] (non-corner with dash), cr.hp xx Super [600] (non-corner) (4 meter)

While we’re on the topic of corner pressure. What are people doing when they get the opponent in the corner? Are you constantly applying pressure with normals? Do you try to use knee shot or a jump in?

I mostly back off to 1/2 - 2/3 screen and just work to keep them in the corner and punish them when they try to escape. I try to bait jumps with air slashers and faking an air slasher.
I’m not really sure how to crack their defenses if they’re in the corner but good at blocking. I know I can go for a tick throw but it seems like just backing off and forcing them to try and break free is a safer bet, even if I do give up the possibility of a 40% combo.


I stay close within a lk range so i can sobat kick pressure and i sometimes do lp air slasher to go for a st roundhouse. I do sometimes go for a cross up, but imma stop that.

edit cr hp in the corner baits a lot of ppl


The question is what do you do when somebody is blocking in the corner and is it really safe? That’s pressure. LOL

GeoM Modinside had some pretty wicked non ex combos w/ normal air slashers:


well there’s some subtle things I’ve learned to do to keep pressure and stay safe. In the corner I’ll normally do the same as icefusion, I’ll stay around max LK sobat range and pressure with sobats or sit and watch their moves. If they walk forward maybe I’ll LK sobat or take astep forward and poke with st. LK or st. MK depending on who ur fighting (st. LK vs ppl who use low pokes like ryu), or maybe I take a step back while being reaady to AA with a normal.

Against ppl who dont leave th ground you really need to mix them up on wakeup. If they dont have a good reversal you can meaty pressure and mix frame traps with tick throws.

If they do have a good reversal or wakeup option you need to adjust. One of my favorite things to do is after a knockdown is to immediayely LK sobat then walk back just outside of their cr. LK or tech range then walk back in and throw or etc. after they whiff their tech. It baits reversals and is pretty dirty imo, sets up some nice mindgames. I forgot where I learned this from I think from Daigo or someone.

Another good bait is after a knockdown u can walk back then walk foward as they’re about to get up but then stop outside their tech range and block for split second then walk up after they whiff their tech. I saw it in a vid form Viscant’s DJ.

And of course there’s always left corner fake crossup MK shenanigans, and pressure with EX fireballs. After you bait them pretty good then you can pressure more but dont be dumb. Watch their meter and ultra bar.


use lk sobat kick after a knockdown and then cross up knee shot for a throw