Dee Jay Guide

The SRK guide to Dee Jay, or: I can’t do jackshit with him but I’m making a guide anyway!

Here is some things I noticed or experience acquired through playing Dee Jay for the last few days, I’m still a hell of a scrub with this guy. Even worse, I can’t even do half of the following stuff in a match. but it all works in theory (or so, I guess, theres probably an error or 2 in it) and trying to implement it in my own game.
Damage and stun ratings will follow later, I don’t have my own console, so I can’t check it right now.

Huuuuuge disclaimer: Opinion heavy and incomplete. Just trying to create an image of Dee Jay with knowledge acquired through some days of test playing, as I said before, I currently do NOT own a console, so I can’t double check! Also, english isn’t my native language, so forgive me for making weird sentences.
I’m open for corrections/input and the trademark SRK bashing and trolling!

Normals data:

Coming up!

Specials/super/ultras data:

(more data coming!)

Air Slasher :l:/:r: + :p:
Light: 50 damage
Medium: 50 damage
Hard: 50 damage
EX: 100 damage

Double Rolling Sobat :l:/:r: + :k:
(armor breaker)
Light*: 80 damage
Medium: 100 damage
Hard: 120 damage
EX: 140 damage
*does knockdown on hit

Jackknife Maximum :d:/:u: :k:
Light: 100 damage
Medium: 100 damage
Hard: 110 damage
EX: 160 damage

Machinegun Upper :d:/:u: + :p: > Mash :p:
(armor breaker)
Light*: ? - 140 damage
Medium: ? - 150 damage
Hard: ? - 168 damage
EX: ? - 162 damage

Sobat Carnival :l:/:r::l::r: + :k:
Light: 350 damage
Medium: 350 damage
Hard: 350 damage

Sobat Festival :l:/:r::l::r: + :lk::mk::hk:
? - 473 damage

Climax Beat :db:/:df::db::uf: + :lp::mp::hp:
? - 501 damage


Dee Jay has a hell of a sweep with his, I don’t know the exact frame data, but it’s probably around 5 frames startup. That’s as fast as Ryu’s sweep, and contrary to that one, it’s safe on block (or so it seems, I havent been punished for it until now). The damage is kinda low for a sweep (70) but who cares, you get a sweep as a poke!

His standing MK is relatively good for poking, as an Bison player I was searching for a tool like Bison?s standing MK, and this is probably slightly worse, but still a good way to show people you won?t let them in as quickly. The close version hits twice, so its good against focus happy people too.

Anti Air:

Standing MP is the poke of choice when using normals. The timing isn?t incredibly tight and the close/far system always gives you the best option. Close hits like an Mexican uppercut, while far is a forward punch for hitting people trying to land in front of you. It?s in my opinion far superior to standing HP, which needs good timing due to slow startup and far HP being the Mexican uppercut like movement (if the enemy is right above you, you will get an close HP, which you don?t need)

Jackknife Maximum (:d:/:u: + k) is the move of choice when looking at his specials. Machinegun Upper (:d:/:u: + P) isn?t good as anti air, don?t use it, ever. That move is just a launcher to use in combos. If you?re out of ex stocks, use LP JM, it has the fastest startup and MP/HP don?t do (a lot/any) more damage.
EX JM is godlike, it has good hitboxes, great invincibility and does wonders on crossups (due to being a :d:/:u: motion, you don?t have to rely on autocorrect).
People CANT safejump to avoid.

If you are in possession of Ultra meter and some good timing/spacing skills. You can intercept frontal jumpins with CR.HK and juggle into ultra 2 for massive damage

I didn?t ask the owner for permission, but o well, I hereby say that it?s NOT mine, that should be enough I reckon.

Ultra 2 is a situational AA, but don?t use it, keep it for the combos!

Anti fireballs

Although Dee Jay has Fireballs of his own, it doesn?t change the fact that he?s an charge character, you can?t win fireball fights against shoto?s.
The way to get around fireballs (except for jumping and focus) is using his CR.HK to slide underneath it or EX Double Rolling Sobat (:l::r: +K) to go through them, but make sure you?re in range to punish them in their cooldown, or you?ll eat the next one.

A great way to counter fireball spammer is to bait more fireballs by neutral jumping over some, then sliding under one (and gaining space) while holding charge, and if they?re stupid enough to throw another fireball -> EX Rolling Sobat.

Same thing for Ultra 1, but I really opt for Ultra 2 as the ultra of choice.

Against Akuma?s: If they think that spamming the most horizontal of the air fireballs is a good idea, show them its not by going under it with HK Rolling Sobat and punishing them with it on the way down.

Link combos

Coming up!


Coming up!

Punishes/damage combos (damage and stun details will come later)

The cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP is only used as an example, you can mix it up with any link of choice (ofcourse you will have to use a cancellable normal before the special, and make sure you do not deal too much knockback).
You could substitute cr.MP with st.HP in some cases, or remove the cr.LP?s if you?re doing a punish (to decrease prorating). There?s a plethora of options.

Cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx HK Rolling Sobat
Cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx EX Rolling Sobat
Cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx EX Machinegun Upper+mash
Cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx EX Machinegun Upper+mash (juggle) EX Rolling Sobat
Cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx HK Rolling Sobat xx Sobat Carnival (super)
Cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx HK Machinegun Upper+mash (juggle) Ultra 1 (partially whiffs!)
Cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx EX Machinegun Upper Dash Ultra 2
Cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx EX Machinegun Upper walk Ultra 2 (I actually don?t know how to do it, but I?ve seen vids of people doing it.)

If you?re using ultra 2 and stun someone DON?T use FA LVL3 before using ultra. Theres always a bigger risk that you screw up, and the combo only does 502 damage, compared to the 501 damage the ultra normally does (presuming your revenge meter is full).

Corner only punishes/damage combos:

Cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx EX Machinegun Upper+mash (juggle) EX Jackknife Maximum
Cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx EX Machinegun Upper+mash (juggle) Ultra 2
Cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx EX Air slasher, cr.LP, EX Machinegun Upper+mash (juggle) EX Jackknife Maximum
Cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx EX Air slasher, cr.LP, EX Machinegun Upper+mash (juggle) Ultra 2

**Knockdown: **

Dee Jay?s crossup game is an important part of playing him, so going for that knockdown is always the way to go! Here?s some examples how you could get that knockdown:

Cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx LK Rolling Sobat (techable knockdown)
Cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MK (untechable knockdown)

The first combo is the most damaging of the 2, but the second one gives an untechable knockdown and increases the time window of setting up his crossup game. Choose whatever you like best.

Remember: MK and HK rolling Sobat DO NOT give knockdown on hit.

Crossup & mixup:

Don?t get me wrong, Deejay isn?t a mixup god like Akuma or Abel, he has no Vortex like the first or insane mixup BS like the second. But coupled with his knockdown ability and this very handy tool I?m going to discuss next, you can really bother your opponent.
What I?m talking about is his knee shot, his jump :d:+LK. What it does (except for damage) is shortening the jump range and height (Dee Jay jumps fairly high and not incredibly far), generally it?s just a short hop (King of Fighters anyone?) with an attack added to it.
You can use it to fake crossups, mix it with real crossups and use combo?s/blockstrings/tick throws to fool and bother your opponent. You can even condition your opponent to tech grabs right after the jumping MK and then do a grab after a kneeshot which I feel like has less hitstun/blockstun and can result in an earlier grab, but I?m not 100% positive about this because I?m do not know the frame data.

If you space right, you can use J.MK as an fake crossup too, but I?m still struggling to get it done right.

And again, I didn?t ask the owner for permission, but I hope he doesnt mind, and good job for uploading it!


Jumping fierce all day long!

Shenanigans & baits:

You can bait reversal happy opponent with Knee Shot by giving them the impression that you are planning to land right in front/on top of them, while you?re not!

Next one is a little risky, may not be very smart against solid opponents. But you can whiff some LK Rolling Sobat on purpose by spacing right, and when you feel that you?re opponent is going for the punish get them with a HK Rolling Sobat. But be warned, if they block, you eat combo/ultra!

While charging down you can do CR.HP to fake a standup (because of its move animation) this can give your opponent the impression that?s its safe for him to jump in! JACKKNIFE TIME!

Special thanks for my homie MBR for the hours in trainingmode/versus mode. I hate your Abel with a passion!
To Poochie! and ILL_BILL for pointing out stuff that had to be retconned.

And again, the guide is FAR from done. I would like to hear your input and arguments (either positive or negative) so we can make this an complete guide for us Dee Jay players. Heck, I?m still learning him myself.

Thank you very much sir, I’ve been waiting one of these.

Excellent thread, and if i didnt know any better, i never would have guessed that english isn’t your first language.

Thankd for the info. So ive been playing deejay for the last couple days and have tried this combo not sure if it works cause i keep messing up on one of the links but here goes:

cr. lp cr. lp cr. k air slash.

do you think that would work

Much thanks. As a Balrog scrub (charge whore), I’m trying to expand my horizons and pick-up Dee Jay. This is exactly the kind of basic info. I’m looking for.

HP maybe is worse antiair but if you hit the oponent with the last active frames, you put him in juggle, and can follow with dread kick (1 hit) or ex dread kick (2 hits)

Couldn’t help but notice this.

Cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx EX Machinegun Upper FADC dash-ultra 2

There is NO FADC in that combo. Its just EX MGU -> dash -> U2

this is false… I actually find it humorous that no one realized this just from playing the game… the difference is freaking HUGE…

frame data is wrong… it should be obvious by the fact that air slasher on HIT is only +3 frames, while jab boom is a WHOPPING +10 frames… unless something has changed, all regular fireballs have the same hit stun… so you can tell what the recovery frames are relative to other fireballs by comparing the hit adv. in this case, air slasher is closer to high tiger shots, which is exactly how it feels like to me…

easiest way to test this is; go to training mode, pick Deejay and Guile… have the dummy throw a jab sonic boom and block from mid screen, and try to EX Sobat through his fireball on REACTION (after the fireball leaves the hand)… now go pick Dee Jay, have him do the exact same thing and try to EX Sobat through his fireball… NOW tell me which has a bigger recovery time… :lol:

My bad, I’ll edit it.

You might actually be right. Explains why he could punish my fb’s so easily. Should have drawn my own conclusions with that instead of listening to people who are claiming stuff they can’t prove. I’ll wait for the framedata.

BTW, as any of you seen that vid ‘How to play Dee Jay’ by Justin Wong? A big wtf for mister Wong there.

cr. k? I presume you mean crouching cr.LK? I’m not sure about that, I will try it later. But personally I advice you to go for the light sobat over the air slash (more damage + knockdown)

Can I request that this will get stickied? And some input to make this really good too would be nice :slight_smile:

I will implement the cr.fierce later, I think you might be very right :slight_smile:

thanks for this, DeeJay has been the only char other than bison that has “clicked” for me, I really want to main him.

yea ur rite cr lp. kk. I was thinkin of that but also can air slash be used in any combo that light sobat can casue air slash seems safer cause it pushes the person back a bit

When I have the time I will fill in some new sections for links and blockstrings, also I will adress the far s.HP juggle into dreadkick.

But for now I’m off, my last night training with Dee Jay before my first tournament with him. Me and my Abel playing buddy are going to a 2 vs 2 team tourney, wish us luck!

You mean to use as a blockstring? Because in theory you would have more than enough time to hitconfirm the sobat.

Do you have a link to that? And good luck at the tourney, make us proud!

Yeah it works. I do it all the time and have never been punished for it.

“Deejay isn?t a mixup god like Akuma or Abel, he has no Vortex like the first”

Um, yes he does, it’s called the Dee Jay Vortex.

Agreed, the Deejay vortex is very legit. Deejay doesn’t quite have the wealth of options that akuma does on wakeup. However, he does have a much stronger ambigous crossup game than most of the cast, and given how easy it is for him to combo into sweep for another knockdown, it is very easy for him to score a lot of damage on characters who don’t have options to escape.

and agree, is seriously a… WTF? talk about things and doing shitty moves on scree o.o, cmon champion you can do better than this.

in my point of view, is “weak & legit” because there isn’t any option to select to score a 1hit knockdown (things who lead akuma vortex to the winner, more than 1 option he had), u have to do things to reach lk sobat or link.

I THINK I understand what you’re trying to say, but I still disagree with the logic. DeeJay doesn’t have has many options on wakeup as Akuma. That is a given. That doesn’t mean DeeJay’s wakeup game is weak. He still has a number of effective crossup and fake crossup options. If you land a crossup, the knockdown is basically free, since is so easy to combo.