Dee Jay Match Up Thread - A New Beginning?



Hi all,
With AE2012 almost certainly being the final version of DeeJay, I am wondering if now is the time to create a definitive match-up thread. All we have is a bunch of spoilers with “UPDATE SOON” instead of actual advice.

I never said anything about when I first joined but it’s years later and we still do not have anything put together. Furthermore, alot of the information predates AE2012. I know a number of people have said they would be doing it but I can’t see anything finished yet.

It would be brilliant to get this going. Despite Deejay being a low tier character, we are all still here representing. Even HAKAN has a super match up thread!

Perhaps we could just pick a character every few days and just start posting advice?

UPDATE: Google doc added. We encourage all community members, no matter your skill level, to help in the creation of this document. We have needed sothing like this since DeeJay burst onto the scene.

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2013 will be the last deejay. i feel that cammy nerf coming lmao everybody is crying about her.


JCool, will there be an update for 2013? I presumed we were at the final iteration of SF4?


naa i was trolling the recent cammy success lol


Guys if I’m the only one that thinks the match-up thread needs an overhaul, I’ll drop the topic.


more organized would help. i’ll just chime in where i see fit, but you gents are better with matchups than i am.


If you’re the person volunteering to keep the first post updated with all relevant info whenever anybody posts something, I am 100% in favour of your idea.

The problem with the current topic is obvious: The Dude who has the first post has never updated it.
The practical problem though is that the person who posts the new topic has to actually do a lot of work to keep it up to date.

Since I would love a better Deejay match-up topic, but I am not (realistically) going to do the work; I never posted a topic like this.

Are you a rhythmic enough dude to take ownership of the topic Garak?


I would love to be able to put the time in to lead it but I barely have time to actually play the game. I’m very happy to assist, but I wouldn’t be on regulary enough to update it as quickly as it deserves. Also, I don’t know the game well enough to say what advice is good or bad, and that’s just being honest.

Mike The TV posted a really great format and others have come forward to say they would like to do something, but I think that (as you said above), we are hampered by the fact that the original guy never updated it.

That’s why I propose we are allowed to start a new thread and start fresh. Is it against site policy to allow a single account to be shared between 3-4 people who could create a new account, set up the thread and divide the work?

Just out of curiousity, I’d love to name a character right now and see what response we get from everyone regarding match-up advice.



Yeah it’s something you see me posting a lot in community discussion threads (I’m doing it right now on the Tekken matter), but “an idea” unfortunately doesn’t count for anything. You need the idea, and the person who is willing to make themselves the project lead to see that idea happen.

I actually really like this idea, it’s clever. But again, are you gonna contact the SRK administrators about some kind of Deejay Avatar account? (Maybe restrict it’s posting access to the Deejay forum to sweeten the deal) Who gets access to it? Who decides who gets access to it?

I don’t want to sound like I’m being negative, but I have to run optimism through a “practicality filter” before I can allow it to survive :stuck_out_tongue:


I can certainly ask regarding the DEEJAY acount, providing the likes of Mike the TV who have shown a recent proactivity towards restarting the match-up thread say they do not want to do it any more.

Again, I am very wary of marching on here, as a minimal contributor, and take things over. Roles being reversed, I don’t think I’d appreciate it, especially if more prominet members have shown interest.


I’m willing to contribute a few matchup writeups schedule permitting, but it dropped off for me because I have 5 months to finish my PhD and I’m in near-panic-scramble mode. If other people want to use my format and someone is willing to keep the thread updated, that’s thrilling, go ahead.

I also don’t have a problem making and maintaining a thread, but I didn’t earlier because I didn’t have the time (or knowledge, in the case of some matchups) to do the writeups justice.


I’d say just create a public google doc and link to it in the original thread, and update that for matchups.


I like the way the Blanka forum has matchups organized with just a couple characters per thread. It looks a bit more cluttered but honestly there’s dead posts all over the front page of the Deejay forum so it’s not like we’ll lose any invaluable information. Most of the best threads are sticked anyways!


I am looking forward to a cleaned up match up thread helps me fine tune.


I actually think this is a brilliant idea tbh. We could creat an excel doc and have a separate tab for each match up. I can create the document. Regarless of whether we go for a thread or a linked document, we could just get a few things sorted…

So what would the section headings be?

Match Up Rating

General Strategy

Counters - What moves can we punish, and with what moves/combos.

Unsafe Moves - What not to use?

Option Selects - What OS work, if any (Afii posted a great OS on Fei recently)

Anti-air - for and against DeeJay

Ground Games - Far, mid and close options

Preferred Ultra Choice - With solid reasoning behind choice.

What to Aware Of - e.g. top 5 things to remember before playing the character

Video Links - Links to Videos showcasing the match-up

Tips and Tricks



Edit: Added Vortex Feasibility - is the vortex reliable vs this character.


That layout looks pretty solid.


that looks pretty ambitious but im down to chip in where i can :stuck_out_tongue:


I made a Google Doc that we can collaborate on. I used the format I did the Adon matchup in, but we can adjust it to add stuff garak suggested pretty easily. Also, I wanted to pick a ridiculous pun of a title.

Here’s the link:

Some general thoughts on making this go smoothly:

  • Note what you intend to contribute.
  • When adding something, note your contributions.
  • For the moment, I suggest adding indented comments rather than deleting things others have contributed, if something’s questionable, we can discuss it more and then conclude what should go in there.

Let’s see what we can collectively do. I think Sagat will be the next MU I write up, as I’m fairly comfortable in that one and JCool has a good video resource too.


I’m very happy to go with a Word Doc. I was goofing around with an excel sheet at the weekend, but came to the conclusion that a word doc with proper formatting is the way to do.

I think a comination of both our section headings would be a great start. The more sections, the better imho.

I think you have it locked for editing right now. I could do a basic match-up thread for Zangief unless someone else wants to. People can read, destroy and rebuild it as much as they want.


EDIT: Now opened for editing, my mistake.