Dee Jay Matchups

How can Dee Jay fair well against sim?

and for that matter

What should a competitive DJ remember to do?

some things about ‘deejay vs sim’:

__slide owns deejay if you jump in. nothing you can do against a well timed slide if youre jumping in

__try your best to knockdown sim and keep him in your cross up game. sim has more of an adv if he’s zoning you

__you can trade with sim(good for round-starters) with things like c.hp, slides). i like to trade in this match up

__you can hit sim out of a drill with, but it depends

yeh crouching middle punch will counter his low attacks, DeeJay will usually win with that. You can jab out dhalsims standing roundhouse, use up kicks when ever he tries to drill you. Use short upkick reversal to escape noggy loop. At close range Deejay super will go through Dhalsims super.

Good tactic I use to bait dhalsim to slide, use supercombo reversal string the up kicks at end for extra damage.

60/50 to sim right?

play with your ass cheeks clinched real tight the whole time, it helps.