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Dee Jay

Wanna up my game, stratigys, match-ups etc. But I cant even find any vids on him let alone who is the best dee jay. hook me up

Super Street Fighter II X/Turbo beginner thread

no one plays deejay. thats just the real. I’m a beginner who’s picked up deejay but I think I picked up enough to help.
on certain characters, deejay can just knockdown and cross up for days. characters such as chun li, bison, and anyone else that has no real immediate answer to cross ups.
deejay has amazing normals a lot of which hit for 2 hits. his best imo are his…

  • st.strong, cuz it has decent priority, and is a reliable mid jump anti-air. it’s fast
    -st.forward hits for 2 hits, has long reach, beats out a lot. only downside is agains them damn duckers. punishes clumsy jumpers too.
    -st. roundhouse basically is the same as st. forward.only it at least can hit mid for pressure in case they block and only hits once.
    cr.jab-my fave move of his to use, since you can link up two of em and connect any of his specials with it (need a cross-up if you wanna go for upkicks with the two jabs). used efficiently, it is a monstrous meter builder
    -cr-short- if you wanna just use some rapid hits and dont want a knockdown use this. excellent range.
    -cr.strong-it seems as though this is priority god. I beat out damn near anything with this. distance is it’s only downside, but since it hits limbs I use it for easy counters. the elbow comes right down on a sweeping leg. beats shit clean
    -cr.forward-another lovely move. basically free knockdown. if you can connect with ken/ryu’s cr forward, then you can connect with this. only it gives knockdown. use the move.
    -cr.rh-another good move. good for those pesky lariat giefs.

sorry I couldnt do more, but I’m kinda novice myself.


DeeJay is tough. It’s like he’s a ghetto Guile. He can’t keep people away as well, 'cause he doesn’t have a Crouch Forward like Guile does. I usually basically see DeeJay’s win effectively by keeping people away until you can bait them into getting hit by a Knock-Down. DeeJay’s wake-up game is tremendous, with really good and easy combos off of cross-ups and really good Meaty attacks from the ground.

The best DeeJay I’ve ever seen is AfroLegends, who placed 7th at Evo this past year. I’m sure he can give better advice than me.


i’m pickin deejay up and he is pretty fun and pretty solid imo. by no means am i an expert but heres a few things i’ve noticed

-max out/air slasher seems to have a bigger hitbox and harder to avoid than guiles sonic boom. i think it comes out quicker but it certainly recovers slower is godly. beats out a lot of things

-standing hk looks really deceptive. it looks like it can be ducked by the majority of the cast but it hits a lot of duckers. not sure who can duck it tho. nevertheless, its fast, good reach and good priority

-lk dread kick goes over lows and sagats low fb. really really good against characters that likes to play footsies

-all of his d u+k misses on crouching opponents except the lk version i think. for it to connect on standing opponents, they must be point blank. so yeah, you cant use this much as an anti limb like a dp or flash kick is ambiguous along with j. d+lk

-his super is one of the better ones in the game. goes over fbs, combos after mk/hk anti air kicks and builds quick

imo, hes much better than guile, at least in ST.


does AfroLegends have any vids at all it would be nice to watch


There is a lot of footage of him playing Balrog, but not much of his DeeJay right now that I can think of. Hopefully, AfroLegends will look here himself and maybe can ponit you out to some videos of him playoing.

Sorry I can’t help. :frowning:


Hey wassup, I don’t think there’s any footage of me playing DeeJay online right now. You should check out this thread, though.

Valle is doing his Live Stream project thing and I was playing versus him last week, using Balrog and DeeJay.

Im assuming you missed that one, but check out the next one(TBA) if you wanna see some good games.

Also, if you have any questions, just IM me on AIM, I’ll help you out as much as possible.

P.S. Chen is a beast with Cammy!


Thank you I would like to talk with you and ask you a couple of things. My SN is sexyspictom im assuming that yours is afro_legend


It’s “tupac shankur 21”. Old sn, I made up that sn cuz my nickname used to be shanker, lol, from my counterstrike days.




Dee Jay is a really solid character, I’ve been playing him alot lately.

ill get the ball rolling.

max out’s are amazing, the fp version is really fast.

mk up kicks x2 for anti air/reversal, also c.rh work really well for AA. is a really sick crossup, after I land it, I go for c.lp x2,, rh sobat kicks. HUGE damage (like 60%) and a big chance for stun.

c.fp is weird looking, but has really high priority, stuffs rog rushes. is a really good whiff punisher.

s.rh has hella priority & range.


Max out is fat, so you can make people land on it. He actually has a keepout game with it if you can pin them (they block one, then jump the next from afar). AA with s.rh or something (he has an answer for lots of stuff).

Far j.rh over projectiles is AWESOME for hitting outstretched arms.

Early s.strong is good upclose AA. I think he’s harder to jump in on than Guile, with no charge.

But he has a much harder time that Guile when cornered with FBs. Max out makes HIM fat too, so trying to match FBs when cornertrapped can result in you eating them. Don’t get cornered by Ryu. :frowning:

Also unlike Guile, his upkick isn’t as a beefy reversal. Light kick version has nice invincibility to beat stuff and is great AA, but it sucks when they crouch and it whiffs.

Sim noogie trap sucks lol

He has tools against Sagat. You can upkick (and keep charge) over low tigers, sobat over them for style, and you’re good at hitting his arms. I don’t think he wins, but he has tools. If you can get him to come to you, or lull him into tigers,
you can be OK.

Learn the funny crossup that’s hard to block, and you can win rounds off a short upkick, or sweep, etc. He has way too many combos and dizzies off a crossup.


Wanna piss off a friend who’s learning, or is new. Just keep on jumping back and forth crossing him up, it’ll drive 'em nuts.


This is definitely true, but Dee Jay has an escape a lot of people don’t seem to know about - short upkicks go through every fast projectile in the game when timed right, even Ryu’s fast FB (it doesn’t go through the slow ones, though). It’s easiest with the Sonic Boom and Yoga Flame, but it does work vs. Ryu’s fireball as well.

If they do the standard FB trap of meaty slow, slow, fierce, you can lk upkick through the fierce one, and maybe hit an arm if he’s close enough, or throw him if you’re not. It’s pretty hard, though, and not super reliable.

@Epsilon - isn’t roundhouse sobat a free reversal from ryu/ken/cammy/fei/some others? I’m pretty sure only the first kick combos against those characters, and they can uppercut the second kick for free damage and a knockdown.

Anyways, just to contribute to the thread, some other random Dee Jay cross over combos…

Cross up forward, cr.jabx2, st.strong xx fierce max out
Cross up forward, st.strong, st.short xx fierce max out
Cross up forward, cr.fierce, forward upkicks, juggle w/forward upkicks (standing opponent only, hard to do)
Cross up forward, cr.fierce xx roundhouse upkicks, juggle with super (ditto)
Cross up forward, cr.fierce xx Machine Gun Upper (2 hits), dizzy

I like the one beginning with cr.jab the best, because if they’re blocking you can see it through for chip damage or change up to tick -> throw.

Also, there has got to be some use to the fact that you can link a short upkick off of cr.strong.

Cross up forward, cr. strong, st.strong xx fierce max out <- can’t figure out why the fierce max out doesn’t combo (or anything else, for that matter). Looks cool, though.


I’m glad to see this thread, I was beginning to think no one used Dee Jay…

Dee Jay’s s.MK is, IMO, just as good if not better than his s.FK. It combos if he’s close enough, and has the same range as his s.FK. Not to mention it comes out a bit quicker, making it better for stuffing attacks.


several famous players use dj as their sub-character
yaya and yuuvega to name only a few
and yes,he’s usually very under-rated or simply not even considered
and i still don’t know why
he used to be my main character so i know he’s actually really really good

one question about dj that’s been bugging me for a while :
what’s the proper / correct way to supercancel standing MP ?

should it be : charge d/db - f - b - f - release the stick - MP - any kick
charge d/db - f - b - release the stick - MP - f + any kick



Im usually wrong about these things , but from what I can tell , Zazaman\zazza is one of the very top tier players in my book. He has quite a few DeeJay vids.



Ok , i guess i couldnt find that many :stuck_out_tongue:


i’ve been told about him by several uk players
i thought he was an o.sagat user ??!

anyway,he moved to america apparently so i won’t be able to play with him in the foreseable future


Well true. His main is prolly O.Sagat , but he has a mean Dic and Rog as well. And on occasion he uses DeeJay , Zangief and Sim i think. He is high quality with all , solid player all over.
And yes he did move , sadly…america is just too far.

Im sure there were a couple more DJ vids by him , but couldnt find them right now.


Best deejay player here in the US and UK and japan as far as i can see is

Afro Legends, I dont really have any vids of him playing on line or off line deejay
but i will ask to play him soon and show you what deejay is all about, I dont really play o.sagat any more rog,bison,gief are my main now,And thx to you guys that see me as a good player,1 day i will be back in the UK and we have to kill some ST and not AE ,But true in 1994 all i was playing was o.sagat LOL