Dee Jay Trials



I thought of starting this thread about Dee Jays trial number 23, but figured that wouldnt be enough for just starting a thread and since people always seem to have a hard time wirh trials - here it is.

I really am having a hard time with connecting>Max Out. I’ve seen the trial vid, but cant get the timing down. Does it make a difference if I go lp instead of hp in the max out part?


i used LP maxout, it kinda feels a bit slower than a normal cancel ( id compare it to jab headbut, or jab blankaball - but a touch slower)
this trial took me about 5 minutes of getting used to cancelling a punch special into a kick super. way to used to jab-ball-super with blanka.

also. i think the fireball hadnt hit yet by the time it was cancelled to super at that close of a range. so if you get the motion right, you should be good.

and finally. I did the basic combo without the super at the end a few times to get the hang of it.


as for the > max out thing:
its a range thing, it only connects in you did the near them (but it doesnt have to be close lk).
and try using the HP max out since it goes farther faster.


I have problems with Trial 22. Couldnt get Dan to crumple after the Focus. I saw from youtube it should be level one focus. Any other tips ?


charge your focus longer


Out of all the trials I found the damn c.lp > s.hp link the hardest for some reason.


Didn’t have much trouble with any of the Deejay trials except for that one. Jesus it was annoying, think I spent over an hour on it. But yeah, it’s all about getting the right timing on holding the focus attack. Need level2 to crumple - too early and no crumple, too late and it’s blocked.


the crumple ones are easy, watch for your char to blink and release the focus then. if your reflexes arent fast enough try to time it after seeing him blink each time. if that makes sense, but the blink is what makes it crumple


You’re right about that, but there is one other thing that could help:
Don’t dash after the FA crumple. After the EX Slasher is unleashed, charge back again and hit time the FA to hit the dummy. After the frames of the FA are done, you should hit the ultra pretty easily.

Now, I’m having trouble w/ #23. I can’t seem to get the Super after the Air Slasher.


I stumbled through one or two rough spots in Dee Jay’s trials, but didn’t have nearly as much difficulty as with Adon’s (which never felt insurmountable, just the hardest out of the handful of characters whose trials I’ve completed).


this works but after you get a crumple you can dash u1 to get full hits similar to what I do with Rog.


Yeah, with Rog it’s a given. But DeeJay’s dash is so damn tricky, that pulling dash-into-whateva is hard to do consistently.


deejays dash ultra’s are easier to do after focus. the u1 is even easier because of the simple motion.


True, but either way works. And don’t worry about me asking for help on #23. I got it the day after I posted.


thanks for the advice, guys 22 is giving me problems as well.


I thought you didn’t get full hits from U1 even after the dash unless it’s done in the corner. I’ve never managed it.

Edit: I just realised I was doing the Ultra too late. You can dash forward or back U1 for full ultra if you do it early enough.


I’m having trouble with 23 too… I watched some youtube vids but I can’t get the air slash to come out…


A little late to the party, but was googling and didn’t find much other than this thread.
I’m stuck on 23… I’ve done every other DeeJay trial but 23 is insane, can’t get the Air Slasher to come out. Did it once by fluke but unfortunately didn’t go into the super after.

Anyone have any tips on this? I’ve been using the H Air Slasher but tried with all of them
I watched the video and even tried slowing the vid down but still not getting it


One trick that usually helps me is to practice doing the combo without doing super. Once you get used to the timing start buffering super with the air slash.


The input to do super is: hold back charge, forward, punch (air slasher), back, forward kick (super). Also to get the air slasher to come out, try hitting the normals a bit slower. I forget if this is the proper term, but you need to link your normals instead of doing them really fast.