Dee Jay

I know nothing. Make him good? Which -ISM, which moves are good, solid combos, anything helps. He’s fun.

I assume you’re playing him in Hyper Alpha?

If you’re playing the PS1 version, he’s pretty hardcore, plays a lot like guile due to his no recovery fireball, and long block strings.

In Hyper and Upper, he looses the no-recovery fireball and it seems that his slide has a much longer recovery, especially on block.

I play him in V-ism. Simple anti-air vc involves repeated d->u+lk with whatever finisher you’re comfortable with. I’m sure there are somewhat more damaging vcs for him, but I find that one to be realistic and do-able in actual matches.

oh, hp and <-.hp are damn good pokes.

You are wrong .
Upper (dc mode ) was giving a monstruous projectile to DJ , he also had no recovery after it
In other hand , Hyper has been modified ,don’t know a lot about DJ Hyper though


In the PSX and Saturn versions, Dee Jay’s fireball (Air Slasher) has no recovery time. In the Dreamcast version and then later in Upper, it has the most recovery time in the game, tied with Bison’s fireball. In the version of Upper in SF Alpha Anthology it’s recovery time seems to be somewhere in the middle, and I assume it’s the same in Hyper SFA. I don’t know about the GBA and PSP versions of A3 that were released between Upper (arcade version) and and SFA Anthology.

Unless there was a different version of SFA3 for the Dreamcast that I didn’t play, or I’m getting really, really old, I’m pretty sure I remember his fireball being weakened in the DC version like in Upper.

Thanks for the support man.

Actually some of the strategy stuff you posted on here ages back when I first got into A3 was one of the reasons I stayed with it.

Ok sorry man . Though I don’t play alpha 3 on dc because of very poor version (only arcade )

There were two versions of Zero 3 for the DC. This one, the first version, Street Fighter Zero 3 Saikyo Dojo, and this later version, Street Fighter Zero 3 Saikyo Dojo for Matching Service. Matching Service removed crouch cancels for this version, and it’s possible that Dee Jay’s slower recovering Air Slasher was also one of its features.

I always wondered about that Street Fighter Zero 3 Saikyo Dojo for Matching Service. Has anyone played it? What exactly are the differences?

Seriously ,except in order to play secrets/new characters , what is the good point of playing a console ported version ? it is either imbalanced ,or pointless .
Just for fun maybe …

V-ism is his best bet for sure .
Poky :
A.air :
st.MP is a very strong choice
d (hold) u + K .
jump MK
Combo :
cs . MK / j.HP , d + LK x 2 , Air slasher (hold back 2 sec , f+P)
© LK , Air slasher , LK x2 ,Air slasher ,d+HK ( nice damage , and dizzyness ) .
VC :
(vc1) vs air :
d+MP, d u +LK x i
d+MP , d u +LK , ( HP cancel into d u +LK ) x i
(vc1) :
LK ,d u + LK etc…

There is a lot to learn from him ,just giving you some tips lol :stuck_out_tongue: