Dee Jay's Hitbox data

Does anyone have the pics of Dee Jay’s hitboxes for all of his moves. I’ve seen them in other character’s forums, but not this one.

I noticed this too. I have them all downloaded at the moment, does this forum need them uploaded somewhere?

It’s not put up? Lol

I actually went to dig through the information myself off my own download and just saw some pretty neat stuff.

post up, please! Or link us to the download…

I’ll try to get them uploaded tonight, gotta extract them from the video and turn 'em into JPEGs. You can grab the torrent in this thread if you want the MP4 versions or can’t wait

edit: adrian783 actually has all of these uploaded separately to mediafire post | Deejay

can you upload it to like mediafire or megaupload? i don’t like torrenting while i’m on campus.

I had it all but never got around to uploading them on youtube.

the problem with uploading them to youtube is you can’t do a frame by frame analysis od the move like you could from the raw videos. they used to be up on youtube already but i guess eventhubs took them all down.

I can do some stills when I have time later on this week.

i’ll upload them right now, mfire has a 200mb limit though so i’m taking out the U1 and U2 videos.

Tony! Are you secret-training Deejay as well?

Yeah something like that. I’ve been playing with some of the new SSF4 chars, and I think Dee Jay is not too bad at all. Definitely can keep people down and piss them off.

i’m putting the i frame data here.

lk upkick = 8 i frames for the upper body 7 for the lower body
Notes: Good for all jump-ins (not safe jumps) because still invincible while active
mk upkicks = 5 i frames
Notes: Good for early jump-ins. Can trade because no i frames during the active frames
hk upkicks = no i frames
Notes: Maybe against high empty neutral jumps. Combos only
ex upkicks= 8 i frames
Notes: Great reversal, uthrowable til the second hit, can trade after second hit, better than lk because of faster start up

I’m going to start using mk upkicks more. it has a possibility of trading but it can lead to a 170 dmg AA and good wall carry if it connects. in a match where you are trying to zone you can create a distance between you and your opponent if it trades. Its bad against jump-ins with a lot of active frames so watch out.

lp, mp, hp mgu = no i frames
notes: all throwable. not good outside of combos. nothing new
ex mgu =
first 4 frames are unthrowable,
first 9 frames are invincible to hits,
12-13 mid fireball properties
18-19,22-23, 26-27 high fireball properties
30-31 high mid fireball properties
Full head invincibility
thoughts: better move than i thought. decent wake up option. will mostly trade. Safer option than wake up upkick because ex mgu is only -5 which is safe in most scenarios and it pushes the opponent back on block. Can definitely get you out of some tick throw scenarios which is one of deejay’s weaknesses.

Same as unmashed

notes: probably the same as unmashed because it is whiffed and not connecting.

We should get this thread going again. Got some great info from Jcool ^^^. I’m gunna start doing more ex MGUs on wakeup instead of upkicks.

st. lp

startup 3
active 3
recovery 7

seems great to stuff bad horizontal approaches.
decent amount of active frames
not very vulnerable, but is getting a buff in AE

st. mp

startup 7
active 3
recovery 13

no head vulnerability
solid AA, very underrated

st. fp

startup 8
active 4
recovery 23

trades a lot as an AA as many have noticed
decent horizontally

st. fp part 2

second active frame

still vulnerable, hits higher.
if used early can still work as an AA

st lk

an amazing footsie
no vulnerability near the attacking box
seems like its good for beating lows or slide attempts.

st. mk

this is the animation for the 2-5 frames of st. mk
moves hit vulnerable hitbox back and launches a counter attack on the 6th frame.
surprisingly good normal
very active
seems good for beating well space low normals by your opponent.

st. mk active

seems good. takes up space in front of him
vulnerable hitbox/hurtbox is the same as his normal standing hitbox/hurtbox

st. mk active2

a lot of high vulnerability
should not be used as an AA
i’ve used it to hit my opponents who were attempting an empty jump to bait an upkick.
can be used as a decent poke. not much range and -5 on block. wtf capcom.

st. hk

not an AA at all
very vulnerable above
no vulnerability below.
can’t find a practical use.
maybe to push crouching opponents out of deejay’s zone. is ass

st hk is most range deejay poke
if i remebered correctly

ah and neutral jump mk too

The second hit of Cl. HK is extremely small in the horizontal direction but hits above deejay’s head. It seems very obvious why you only get one hit with this move instead of two.