Dee Jay's Links

Here is a list of all of Dee Jay’s links, not including Counter Hits or links from juggle state. No chains or special cancels are mentioned here.

Some of these links may not connect due to spacing issues from push back or proximity of the initial attack. eg. Far lp probably does not connect to cl.lp or even though in theory, it is a link.

Also, additional links not posted here will work on meaty set ups (hitting on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th active frame etc.)

First column - all attacks that you can link off including the frame advantage on hit.

**Second column **- all the normals you can link to, based on the hit advantage of the previous attack. In brackets is how many frames you have to link the move. eg. to cl.lp is a 4f link meaning it is a lot easier then a 1f link.

Third column - a second possible link you can use after the first link (again, this is dependant on spacing/push back). Obviously it is still possible to link further normals after this OR cancel into specials. This column asks you to refer back to the corresponding cell in column 2 for all possible follow up links.

**6f Hit advantage	links from a 6f advantage  	Follow up link**, or		cl.lp (4f)			any link from a 5f advantage
cr.lp			fr.lp (4f)			any link from a 4f advantage
			cr.lp (4f)			any link from a 6f advantage (3f)			none
			cl.hp (2f)			none (2f)			any link from a 6f advantage (2f)			any link from a 5f advantage (2f)			none (2f)			none (1f)			none (1f)			none (1f)			any link from a 3f advantage
               (2f)                  any link from a 6f advantage

**5f Hit Advantage	links from a 5f advantage	Follow up link**
cl.lp, fr lk or		cl.lp (3f)			any link from a 5f advantage
ex slasher		fr.lp (3f)			any link from a 3f advantage
			cr.lp (3f)			anylink from a 6f advantage (2f)			none
			cl.hp (1f)			none (1f)			any link from a 5f advantage (1f)			any link from a 6f advantage (1f)			none (1f)			none
               (1f)                  any link from a 6f advantage
4f Hit Advantage	links from a 4f advantage	Follow up link**
far.lp			cl.lp (2f) ??			any link from a 5f advantage
			fr.lp (2f)			any link from a 4f advantage
			cr.lp (2f)			any link from a 6f advantage (1f) ??			none
3f Hit Advantage	links from a 3f advantage	Follow up link** or air slasher	cl.lp (1f)			any link from 5f advantage
			fr lp (1f)			any link from 4f advantage

I compiled this list from eventhubs frame data.

If anyone has good meaty setups or counter hit set ups to create new links into normals, super or ultra, post them here!

we must be linked spiritually or something lol

i just found a decent counter hit setup.

cl mk > far fp > dread kicks

then again ever move that leave you with 6frames of advantage would work in place of the cl mk

this seems to bait a counter hit if your opponent does a move with 4 or more frames of startup.

Actually, medium and heavy normals give an extra +3 on CH, lights only give +1. Assuming the frame data is right and s.HP has an 8 frame startup, then it’s only possible after cl.MK.

i’m not sure you understand what i’m trying to do.

Far HP causes a juggle state if hit on the first active frame.
The setups i made above are counter hit setups meaning the create counter hits not counter hit combos.
would that make them frame traps?

Far hp isn’t cancelable.

i know that lol. i made a video. i’ll post it here when its done uploading.

Far Hp puts your opponent in a juggle state

I get what your saying. puts you at +6 on hit. Far hp is 8f start up which only gives opp 2 frames to react and will beat out a 3f jab for the CH.

Thank you for understanding. The video is already made tho lol

Idk if it will beat a 3 frame jab tho.


It should beat 3f jabs or at least trade, as long as you did actually hit with the to put you at + 6 and then hit the far HP on your first available frame. Sounds good in theory although you are giving up a guaranteed combo to fish for a ch.

I noticed a sick link combo when I was doing this table. cl. mk > > far.lp > far lp xx maxout. I thought I’d try it on a big character like Sagat but there was slightly too much push back on the for both jabs to connect after. You can do > > far.lp xx maxout though.

Another good link combo is, cr.lp, xx Sobat.

i use the cl mp > cr lp cr mp occasionally. the other is new to me.

the first is new to me

the CH setup does trade w/ jabs so its pure win lol

moves with i frames beat the setup

funny I came this morning looking for info on Deejay’s standing HP and it’s juggle properties. Saw this thread when you were the only reply and a few posts later you have a video giving me exactly what I was looking for.

Good stuff. Thanks.

no problem mc-fine. just trying to advance the deejay players to the best of my ability. i haven’t done anything ground breaking tho.

Ahh, sorry I misunderstood lol. Dunno about giving free damage up (Especially if the opponent knows DJ) but against mash happy players it’s solid damage.

I always get confused with the SF4 engine.

Would it be possible to do: Crossup j.MK, cl.MK, cr.MP, dread kicks?

Is this impossible because of the whole link vs cancel thing? (I believe that’s the technical term.)

yes it is possible. Hit the cross up deep for it to work.

Would you have enough charge time after the Cl mk CR MP? I usually go for 3 normals then cancel the last

Definately. You can even do deep cross up, cr.lp > xx back charge special which has even less charge frames.

I suppose this is the best place to ask right now. I’m working on my execution of DeeJay’s BnB’s and I’m wondering what exactly the benefit (if any) of going with cl.lp, XX EX MGU >> EX DREAD SOBAT over just a c.lp, c.lp XX EX MGU >> EX SOBAT. I’m looking for a nice high damage combo that I can use when I have meter. I saw Jcool land the 2nd one in his video and it just had me wondering if it’s worth it to go with the tougher to link over just another c.lp. Thanks dudes!

Thanks for watching my videos.

The mp link only gives 40 extra damage. I often go for the cr lp x2.

Canton great thread btw.