DeeJay charge tips

Ever since I start playing SSF4 it seems like I’m getting better with Deejay faster than I am with Sagat, but I’ve mostly been fighting a bit cheap when I can charge fast enough, also I’m new to charging to my opponent always can see it coming, what are some tips to pull off some subtle charge shots. I’m new to charge chars so this is all amazing to me.

don’t be afraid to stand up. db is good no doubt but when i turtle my opponent seems to hang back b.c. trespassers will be upkicked and survivors will be upkicked again.

don’t be afraid to jump in. Charge in the air and during block strings.

you can start charging before the round.
dont sit on DB all the time
whiff a couple light attacks.
charge while jumping, throwing, waking up.

by doing stuff like this, I seriously made people whove never seen deejay before think he wasnt a charge character.

Buffer charge your max outs, charge back, forward, back + p, it can get you tht extra charge time needed to win fireball wars. Same tech ique goes for machine gun upper into dash ultra.

Charge during sobats and slides to move forward on the ground and stay charged.

An old trick from Super Turbo can also work in this game.

If you randomly throw out a crouching fierce here and there, it can sometimes make people think you lost your down-charge, and they’ll jump in on you. Because the animation for that move looks like a standing attack (he quickly stands up and throws out his elbow).

So just pepper in a few cr. fierce whiffs throughout the round, they’ll jump, then BAM. Jack-knife to the face.

That is actually incorrect. In the long run you are better off doing it the normal way. I can’t be assed to find the thread that shows you. But just take it from me, you’re really better off doing it the normal way.

Back on topic. Don’t try to beat a shoto character in a fireball war. You will always lose. Instead try to work yourself around the fireballs e.g. neutral jumps, cr. RH, ex dreads, ulti or focus attack.

100% disagree. I always boom with charge :l::r::l: so I can be constantly precharging during fireball wars.

Yeh, it rose a lot of turmoil back when it was proven inaccurate. There’s a misconception in SFIV that charging takes two full seconds. In reality all charge characters gain a charge in 55 frames. And because the game plays 60 frames per second it actually requires less than a second to get a charge. Or something like that anway.

I would gladly give you the link it is all explained in if it weren’t for the fact that I can’t remember who said it. I do remember that he was said to be one of the best American Guile players around if that helps. All I know is, charging the unorthadox way is not the best way. And if you don’t believe what I’m saying, you will find out for yourself sooner or later.

lol w/e buddy, then don’t precharge and lose that FB war.

You’re probably referring the gilley, but also keep in mind charge times are not the same as vanilla. Whether you think so or not, precharging your next move during your current move is the cornerstone of successfully playing a charge character.

I do recall the post Jehoedi is referring to. If I recall correctly (and I’m paraphrasing here), the findings basically went along common sense lines. Essentially, “precharging” a second fireball before releasing the first will reduce the time between the two fireballs in question, but it will not increase the overall rate at which you’re throwing them. If you’re taking the time to precharge for the second, that means that you’re throwing the first later than you needed to. If you’re doing this for following fireballs, then your rate isn’t increased at all, because the time you’re gaining on the second fireball is lost by waiting for the first.

quoted for truth

no matter which charge characters you play, it’s all the same. b, f, b+punch/kick
you gotta start charging again (just in case you need it), as soon as possible. This goes all the way back to sf2

I know you can’t pre charge in ssf4 or anything, as soon as you hit punch you start charging from srcatch, but having it already at back means after punch you’re charging as soon as possible. Btw think it was in the sf4 engine misconceptions thread.

I know for a fact that it is not possible to pre charge in SF 2.

And je110 that is exactly what I’m referring too. Albeit more detailed than the description you gave. It would be useful if someone could actually find that post. Then we can stop this ‘Im right you’re wrong’ discussion. :arazz:

Hey i’m having a bit of trouble with this jump/charge… can i have some advice? any will help. thnx

You jump and immediately put the stick in down back. Boom instant move when you land.

Every move has his own charge time, its not 55 frames for all moves Try to charge gen walldive, then try with deejay down, up kick and see… more or less double charge time for gens one.

He is right in that alot of moves have 55 though. It is the most common repeated charge time.

I’m pretty sure you could find information on this in the street fighter 4 general forum. Look for the “1-800-help a nub” thread, i’m pretty sure they cover charge tips, how to buffer them, etc. Also, there are many videos on youtube regarding charge characters and tips on how to get the most out of them.