DeeJay EX MGU > Dash > U2 difficulty over-exaggerated?



So yesterday I was playing online with a friend who had just got the game, I’ve been playing a couple of years and I consider myself to be pretty decent both execution and skill wise at this point, not to flatter myself as I do have a lot of weaknesses as a player.

Anyways, he started wondering who he wanted to main and came down to three characters, Bison, Dudley and DeeJay. He really wanted to try out DeeJay so I volunteered to help introduce him to the character as a whole, and show him the ropes of what to do and how to do it properly. Turns out I freaking LOVE DeeJay, he’s super fun and doesn’t require a ton of small tedious pieces of tech to work effectively in a match, you can zone or rushdown with him quite simply and his footsie game isn’t so bad that I can’t handle it.

Anyway onto my main point, I saw DeeJay’s max damage combo, the stigma surrounded EX MGU > Dash > U2 and I knew I had to have that in my arsenal of combos to give DeeJay at least SOME sort of comeback potential, 500 damage is nothing to laugh at for one bar.

So I jumped into training, hit up the DeeJay boards and checked over the thread that had some hints and tips, I already had the general plan for it but just needed help figuring out the best shortcut motion for me and my grip on the stick, turns out I prefer the FF DB UB shortcut for the Ultra 2 motion. I unpause my training mode, hit dash U2 without EX MGU for about 5 minutes and then try all of it together, and I landed it both sides within 10 minutes and had it fairly frequently within half an hour.

I’ve hit it online in matches around 4-5 times now, it isn’t something I get to use once a match because of how awkward EX MGU is to get a confirm into, it’s tiny range can be an issue for me…

So all-in-all, for something tagged the hardest dash ultra I expected to fail instantly and never land it, and never guessed I’d have it consistently!

I really feel as though the difficulty level for this particular set-up is over-exaggerated and leads to a lot of players just never trying it in matches, because I find it really simple to pull off. Or for the people currently having issues performing it, making it seem like a very difficult to perform set-up, thus creating non-existent barriers in their heads and impeding their progress towards pulling it off well, because that tiny little voice in their head is whispering “You’ll never hit this, it’s way too difficult” so yeah, smiles all round DeeJay boards, it might not be as difficult as one may think!


it was a lot harder before ultra. you have all day to do it now.


TBH it was only truly difficult to do in Super, AE it became a ton easier, Ultra it shouldn’t even be considered hard to do at all. I think EX MGU walk forward U2 is many times more difficult, but even that is a lot easier in Ultra.


Both seem fairly easy to perform for me, idk…I think I just have easier times with managing my charges effectively. I did hear that in AE and Ultra Capcom had decided to increase the juggle height of EX MGU to allow for this to be something reliable which I totally agree with, I’ll go and try his Super incarnation out with Edition Select sometime and compare the difficulties of both, hoping I’m still able to perform it the way I can with his Ultra version. Meh, I’ll find out now.


AE same juggle height.

Only hard in Super, after that I have had no sympathy for deejay players who couldn’t perform it.

now because the Deejay players got it even easier and we lost damage


it’s easy now lol


since AE it has been pretty easy to do, especially on a stick.

Problem in usf4 is the higher launch creates additional problems, such as chars flying too far away. Definitely something capcom didn’t fully think through.


^ Apologies about my AE comment, was it something to do with inputs that made it simpler to perform in AE? My memory is terrible.
Got it down on Super Edition, it’s much harder but it’s doable, just not 100% like I can in Ultra.

EDIT: I’ve gone and tested the juggle state of MGU knock back on an opponent when at max range and it does seem as though it can cause issues with U2 connecting, no whiffs as of yet. Maybe issues with small hurtbox characters? I’ll test out people like Elena and Cammy when I’m back.

Didn’t expect to get responses from the top contributors honestly, I wanted to create a new thread asking this but I’d honestly hate to clutter the board any further with my “New Guy” questions.

So I was wondering what the consensus is for DeeJay in the aspect of what he needs to become about mid-tier in viability? All I can think of in terms of realism is an improved hitbox for Jackknife or some form of reversal that he can rely on, and a better footsie tool for his inherent weakness to far reaching low attacks (Shoto for instance) an example that doesn’t seem too unrealistic is increased start-up and a better hitbox on his, making it a viable counter poke maybe? The LK Sobat dream seems dead as long as it’s -3 because Capcom like to take us out to a classy restaurant but then fuck us in the ass afterward.

I’m still fairly new, so feel free to correct my assumptions on what I feel he needs.


AE added a bigger buffer window to lax the execution. I started hitting dash ultra 100% in my prime in AE. about 70-80 on P1 in Super and 30-40 on P2, just for reference.

You’re asking a legitimate question about the struggle raises power fist but the struggle isn’t over my brother lol

As for what deejay needs to be mid tier you should just check the thread probably below this one because talking about what Deejay needs should be a separate conversation as to not derail this conversation.


I’d say I’m on a strong 90% success rate for both sides at this point in matches and 100% easily in training, stutter lag on PC just makes the dash charge retain undoable, thanks Kappacom for your 10/10 netcode.

I’ll go give that thread a look, hoping to be able to contribute without making an ass of myself with a retarded suggestion, y’know?


just think before you post. it’s that simple.


It is much easier to do now. I hit it maybe 80% of the time online, but I’m partial to the left side (use Xbox360 d-pad).


Can imagine it being a little bit harder on controller just due to the D-Pad sucking so badly, I usually just tend to drop it due to forgetting to downback instantly, like instead of going cr.normal xx EX MGU immediately back into DB I’ll just completely forget and charge DB after the first hit of EX MGU or something dumb.