DeeJay f a g s

How about all you DJ f a gs go and take a sh it on each others faces

someone is butthurt.

Oh hey, buddy! How are you doing today?

sarcasm :3c

hey bro!

Awww whats wrong little guy no one falling for your shoto fagotry anymore ?

Aww whats wrong little guy falling for your trollin all the time ?

U mad?

Please don’t say “u” mad, please, please, PLEASE say “YOU” mad, goddammit.

Yes, I mad.

sounds like a good time

man, this thread is gay.

This thread’s just what I needed, because I ran out of salt.

I love you pattbird

Mortons: When it rains, it pours.

hows the scat sessions? deejays waiting…

Looks like you can’t feel da rhythm!!!

ITT: Angry chun-Li main.

Tatsumaki’s been trolling pretty much every thread he’s posted on. How’s the Zangief’s dick size thread working out for you?