DeeJay General Discussion

Sorry felt this was necessary because i don’t want to clog up the video thread with unrelated chat.

DeeJay the most underrated character in Super? or is it Makoto?

i think it’s Deejay,most people look at him like Black Guile and not as his own character, they just try to play him like Guile, and when that doesn’t work and they drop him.
and i love that Deejay isn’t a braindead character, i like working for my wins.

we are on the same exact page. i started a SF team in my state.

AI for Actually Intelligent.

nobody on our team plays braindead characters.

I honestly didn’t work with rog and if you made me work with rog i was going to lose. now my odds are worse with deejay but i’m not afraid to work.

Random question:
Why does nobody post in this forum?

i honestly didn’t start posting until i saw how dead it was.

everyone is waiting on someone to show up at a major tourney with deejay and beat justin wong

you know how SRK is like

Skisonic said it best:

There are a lot of good players who have picked up DeeJay and have spent hours in training mode trying to perfect Dash Ultra, but can’t and think “fuck this, I know i can do combos” and go to so mebody else/their main

Plus the fact he has no normals of note except and far mk at a stretch doesn’t help.

I’m not much of a poster, just more of a lurker. I do agree that Dee Jay is one of the most underrated characters in Super. I’ve played quite a few characters, most that I couldn’t stick with, but Dee Jay has given me some of the best results and not to mention the most fun out of this game.

I’ll be sticking with him for sure.

SRK? It’s the way of pretty much every fighting game community.

A character is worthless. Until somebody wins with them and not small wins. At least top 8 at a hyped tourney full of big names. Once that happens of course everyone makes out they’d been saying that character was underrated and had huge potential the whole time.

DeeJay’s definitely much lower down the tierlist than he should be, his only glaring weakness at a glance is a lack of good normals. People who play online only should also be wary that you will drop the c.lp > link a lot at first, something which contributed to me dropping the character.

his normals are good when used at the right time during the right situation.

cr. mk is good no matter when you use it.

ski did say it best, but that’s sad.

it took me a month to get where i’m at with dash ultra. i actually land it in casuals (occasionally)

i remember when i was at ECT and inthul get slapping mad people with fei combined with the fact that mago dropped sagat.

now their are more fei long players.

I would like that to happen to deejay but it wouldn’t matter because people can’t get dash ultra consistently. most would drop him even after they saw somebody play him.

Anyone else afraid Dee Jay is gonna get boned in Arcade SSFIV? :crybaby:

I don’t see how he could get more boned lol. but srsly, I hope he gets some fixes

I can see them changing the command of U2 to a motion, that would pique my interest.

^that would be flippin sweet

lol if he got nerfed i would probably stop playing the game like some gen players did lol

he’s the only reason i play. he already has flaws as it is he doesn’t need any more.

all ultra’s should be qcf x2 or 720. 3S ftw

You know? I think I’m the same way. I’ve jumped around with other characters a bit (Honda, Dictator, Balrog, namely) but I always keep coming back to Dee Jay. By far the most fun character on the roster. But yeah, if he gets anything else nerfed I will kill myself.

I don’t think he’s going to get boned, if anything I assume he isn’t going to get much of anything. Although if they nerfed him, I’d keep playing only if they added Elena/Urien (The former is more probable) cause as much as I love playing with Rose, Deejays my character. Otherwise, I’m going to scrub it back up at TvC and MvC3

No one posts in the Deejay section, because there is no one playing Deejay. This isn’t a suggestion, a complaint, or a mention, its a fact. How many top players do you know are out there using Deejay extensively? Cause prior to the game coming out, I saw one with Daigo, now that its been out for months I see none. Adon was the same way, till Gamerbee showed up and raped. He was low tier, now he’s higher tiered. Same shit, and you guys knew it without me saying it.

A character you have to think with? Somewhat. I’ve seen braindead Deejay before and it will work very easily at about the middle level of play and below, constantly crossup and do the jab into sweep link, when it gets blocked enough times, just throw and rinse and repeat. I’ve seen Deejays try to beat me with other characters that I use and if I don’t have great AA or reversals, I’ll take a few knockdowns because of that mk. Its legit as a normal.

A top tier character? He’s better then what people think, not top tier, probably low high tier at best because he zones and applies knockdown pressure so well. If there was a bigger fanbase and more people working around his very minimal weaknesses across the board, they’d dry up. I hate seeing people take a character you can almost never jump in on safely as rubbish cause lk upkick saves Deejays credibility by a long shot.

I disagree all ultra should not be qcf or 720 then it will be boring
variety is the key for example hakan, akuma, gulie, ryu, vega, guy, ibuki the ultra motion is part learning the character and what makes u stronger than the opponent an other example is if you can dash ultra with charge character u are stronger then someone who can’t.
i play vega and i can ultra 1 on reaction to ryu fireball due to the ultra motion people think u can’t until u do it and they will try not to fireball again when you have ultra
video example [media=youtube]ohSWYRhsgmg[/media]

there is more video but can’t find them

i’m just saying the qcf would make dash ultra easier.

seen the biggavellii video and that would be a hell of a lot easier with qcf

I have always liked DJ and used him from the start in Super. But because I wasn’t really good back then, I switched. Now I’ve recently come back to him and after getting down some important things about Street Fighter in general, I’m doing much better. Still can’t get dash ultra to connect even once, but I’ll keep practicing.
But if you ask me, not being able to pull it off is not a reason to quit playing DJ. Of course it can be crucial damage in a match, though I don’t think it’s a key element of DJs game.
I still feel limited in some situations playing with him. I don’t think that he’s that good at footsies. He could also really use an overhead for some high/low-mixups.

He’s definitely not top tier but I agree that he would probably be higher on the tier lists if someone showed the world what he can do.

i know that will make it easier but were is the skill and that will also mean everybody there mum, dad, cat, dog jumping on the same bandwagon e.g ryu. that is one of the reason i main vega and guile now it same there is more vega mainer which is annoying