DeeJay General Discussion

Dash Ultra , upkicks and is the only thing DeeJay really has going for him. A good player won’t jump in on DeeJay with charge, and the vortex are easily escaped. Dash Ultra is his saving grace and it’s hard as fuck to do.

I’d say “versatility” would also be another thing, but how willing are you to admit he isn’t at a terrible disadvantage every fight? Deejay banks in at 5-5, 6-4, and 5.5-4.5 on majority of his matchups according to anyone who actually knows what they’re talking about. I actually like being able to look at a Ryu, a Zangief, and a Dhalsim and realize my base gameplan can still work with adjustments. Dash ultra is a bitch, can’t do it very often but he doesn’t need it, and although a good player won’t jump in on Deejay with charge, don’t pass of upkicks dominance as something so nonchalant. With the ability to reverse alot of moves like an Ex-Messiah kick can, it makes a significant difference in the right hands. Not to mention it recovers deceptively fast.

But if you’re easily escaping the vortex then either you aren’t doing it correctly, or the Deejay you’re playing against isn’t doing it correctly either. Limited options on the vortex doesn’t mean its any less efficient, it just means you need to be creative.

I was wondering, why is dee jays reversal considered bad or mediocre?

I know dudleys eats meaty attacks all day. Is it the same for dee jay on wake up as well?


Doesn’t hit crouching opponents is what they say but really they’re saying “It’s a charge not an input so I can’t just mash it out all the time omg DeeJay sucks”


EX upkicks are good yes I must admit. I also think Knee Shot, when used properly is a great move.

I haven’t played a good DeeJay , and I wouldn’t consider myself to be a good one either, so I’ll take your comments regarding the vortex on board , If DeeJay had some sort of overhead, command or instant it would be much more daunting. I do agree with the fact that I haven’t experienced any bad matches with DeeJay. I’m guessing Vega and Chun would be horrible though.

IMO: Dee Jay is the most underrated character in the game. His versatility is great, hit em with the knockdown, or sit back and chuck air slashers, there are plenty things you can do with Dee Jay, we just need more people to play him and unlock his potential.

When a breakthrough technique for dash ultra is discovered, that will happen. A lot of players aren’t comfortable with having to sit in training mode and try dash ultra and not get it, when they can go to training mode for an hour with most characters and see tangible results.

I’m not even 100% sure on what the current best technique is…

Thats when dedication comes into play. and i think the motion is charge DB, then dash DF DB UF

I’ve been doing DB Dash DB UF and its been working.

I mean not WORKING not like I can do it in any way consistently. I’m in the majority of people who can “Do it sometimes a bit in training mode” but have never pulled it off in a game, but that’s just me sucking. The motion is solid.

ah ok, ill try that, because when i add in DF i usually get it a lil late.

Be warned…It’s not really gonna make it very much easier by any means but hey we take whatever we can get right?

of course man xD. Always

Just a quick clarification before my ego swells…This was known already right and the only person I’ve informed who didn’t already know is Boom yes?

I mean like I’m horifically bad at Street Fighter and struggle to beat awful Shotos in Ranked Online matches. The knowledge that I’ve improved Dee Jays meta however slightly if I found a motion that ever so teensy bit helped would be a massive cause for feel good factor for me. I’m pretty sure it was already known though…

probably xD, i just saw one motion and went with it.

I was shown this method by Ryan Hart, and I can do it 50% in training mode:

Dash then ST TK motion. It works very well, trust me.

:d::u::3p::db: (wait till arm retracts) :r::r: neutral :db::qcf::uf: :3p::3p: (yes twice, but thats just me.)

I don’t even know if other people are already doing it this way, but this way took me from not being able to do it at all to being able to do it every couple of tries.

Well you know what. Even just helping one person is a victory for me. We’re all in this together and we gotta work to move on you know…

Cue soaring inspirational music to backdrop of flag gently fluttering in the breeze

Edit: Chuck’s method is the sam (As far as the Game reading your motions) really if you think about it. It’s just swinging round the Stick from DB to UF rather then going straight the middle right? Is that particularly easier?

IDK man, I was always under the impression that you did an instant-SPD motion after the dash, so this method was news to me.

Yeah, it looks interesting, going to try it.

And we do what we gotta do to get better, and working together is a way to get there

I mean the same as the one I mentioned.

The game doesn’t really care how many wrong inputs you use. As long as Down Forward is before Forward and the gap between them isn’t too large you can have as many other registered inputs as you like and it doesn’t interfere at all. What I’m saying is going through the Neutral stage of the stick from Down Back to Up Forward is really the same to the system as doing a half circle. I was wondering if you do a half circle because you find it easier then to simply go Down Back to Neutral to Up Forward.