Deejay match up

Hi peeps since ae im having a lot of trouble with deejay, i just seem to get chewed up by his dread kicks and slide which seems so hard to punish if done correctly, if anyone has any tips for this match up would really apreciate it.

I checked the match up thread but theres no info on deejay also im new so please go easy lol cody FTW!!

u’ve seen the matchup thread and open another post? why not post there…
don’t jump much against deejay. ex ruffian is a bless. c.hp beat’s wakeup lk jack knife. dread kicks are all unsafe, so punish them. go into training mode to get a feeling when the block stun ends. vs his jump.

thanks i know i can punish dread kick with last dread dust but what about when i dont have ultra? i tried ex criminal upper and thats works okay but its costing me meter so i dont like doing it and xx mk rk doest always seem to punish is it just might shitty timing if so what would you suggest? c.hp beating lk jack is a god send il have to try that.

how about xx hp cu? 3 frame start up. lk dread kicks is -5.
any crouching attack will beat lk jack, it only hits standing characters.

lol must just be my shoddy timing then :rofl:

i wasnt aware that jack knife only hit standing opponent will definitly help keep presure on him once i get that knockdown. so if he has no meter hes pretty much free on wake up? thanx for the advice!!

Yo can option select him on wakeup too with j.HK>cr.MK if you have the chance to do so. Goes under all jack knifes and get a free punish.

Dee Jay can’t max out in your face if you have a zonk charged.

zonk lol i never charge zonk unless its the ex, its something i should be using alot more i think, notised it gets stuffed alot does it have invincibilty frames from the start or does it start after a few frames? tbh i feels more like the later.

do you mean safe jump? will the stuff his backdash aswell? i mainly learnt to win by playing online alot so my technical knowledge is a bit lacking lol

normal zonk has upper body invincible, but can be thrown and stuffed easily by low attacks.

Match up thread has yet to be updated. One the the main problems with the srk forums, people pointing to useless stickies. And people’s posts are often ignored if there is a discussion beforehand. This topic is perfectly acceptable.

just because the first post is dusty doesn’t mean we can’t use said thread to discuss such things like this here. helps to keep things together and the cody board isn’t really famous for being “crowed” as a discussion would interupt a new post in the matchup thread.

Ah, the number of times I’ve had it lose out to a sweep attack (or any low attack in general).

Good times (for the enemy).