DeeJay Questions/Concerns

Balrog is my main and DeeJay is my secondary so I play DeeJay a lot. One of my biggest concerns for him is the fact he has no overhead. We as a small community of DeeJay players should continue to help and post new info we learn. I would like to see a post explaining how to utilize his normals, and if there are any tips on how to dash into U2 that would be great. I abuse the knee shot a lot but I have no idea when to use it properly I just throw it out there, so info on that would be nice as well. Please Reply.

Surprised this hasn’t been replied too. The most I can say about knee shot is how I use it. Obviously mid to full screen it’s a great way to get over fireballs and not get hit by dp’s. The only time I like to throw em in is when I know I’ve got my opponent scared of the crossup mk. When they’re scared of it then throw in the knee shot mixups. Not too great at dash U2 either but hopefully with AE it will be easier for all of us