Deejay Ultra 1

Anyone have specific scenarios in which this ultra comes in handy? Ultra 2 is a bit discouraging because the dash ultra 2 (which i find essential) is ridiculously hard. any advice or vidz would be appreciated thx.

Eh…not really. If DeeJay’s U1 could reach at least full screen with a Dash U1 I’d recommend it, but nope.

u1 is only good for punishing fireball start up in my opinion and even that’s tough, unless you can read your opponent very well.dashing u2 can actually combo a lot better without the enemy falling out of it and its a great anti air.

I barely use his ultras at all… I perform better when I don’t look for chances to use them.

Usually people think about landing dash U2 more then winning the match which is a shame.

You’re unfortunately better off using U2. At least you can combo into it in the corner.

thx for the replies guys sadly ultra 1 is just terrible :frowning:

Ultra 1 against T.Hawk. That’s it.