Deejay Vortex...?



I’ve heard this term thrown out on reveLAtions stream when the deejay player was fighting

what is it (if its true or not) and how can it be incorporated with some of his BnBs?


i wouldn’t really call it a vortex.

simply put, combo into sweep, then ambiguous crossup rinse and repeat.

not effective unless done correctly. if somebody is blocking the whole thing
A. You’re doing it wrong
B. They’re defense is on point.


If you fight someone that knows how to block and then stop you from jumping again, you’re done. Sometimes you can get a good 3 or 4 knockdowns in a row if you’re super lucky.

He can crossup, ambigiously cross up, late knee shot fake crossup, early kneeshot into a low attack, empty jump throw. That’s about it.


If possible with a given character (considering the bad push-back for a lot of characters on Dee Jay’s cross-up), combo into MGU instead if your opponent likes to tech knockdowns. You get a similar set up for the ambiguous cross-up. If you can hit-confirm, then even on characters with somewhat bad push-back for Dee Jay you can link into and cancel that into MGU, or medium up-kicks > medium/heavy up-kicks if you want to push them further back.


To say its about his ambigious crossup is an understatement, but to say its only about that crossup is also a rather terrible one too. Deejay has alot of options, most of which being relatively safe off of a throw, sweep, AA, or slide.

The crossup is the most tried and true method, but we’ve got instant kneeshot into throw, fake crossups into tick throws, we’ve got FADC fireball which works alot better now that j. mk has been adjusted, there is really no way to properly block all of a good Deejay’s shit honestly, and with the ability to safely end a blockstring when it fails with a fireball, or link into another UTKD with c. mk it can never stop.

But, in all honesty I think this is the only aspect of Deejay’s game that makes me not completely shit with the character, but I used to have a pretty extensive write-up on this with alot of options that can be mixed and matched by preference.


Knee shot isn’t as good now that AE has arrived. Since there is now a Dee Jay bandwagon, most people are now used to the idea of knee shot and expect it, so most people can anti-air it (after all, it’s not that hard when it’s expected). It’s still good, but just not as surprising as it was in Super. Also, Dee Jay’s vortex isn’t the most safe; against Ryu (and maybe other 3-frame reversal characters), players have to practice the spacing and timing for an unbeatable cross-up (if you space it even a bit off, you’ll be on one side, Ryu will be doing a shoryuken on the other side, but you’ll still have gotten hit). Basically, while Dee Jay’s vortex may be good when the wheels start turning, it’s not easy to get it started against aware players.


I like to make an ass out of Ryu. He get vortexed all day. If you make them guess wrong twice, then they are usualy mind fucked for the rest of the round. DeeJay has so many setups and shenanigans against DPs (except Ken)


What is this Dee Jay bandwagon ?

Didn’t really notice anything…

Anyway, Knee Shot is still better, as people are still surprised, and before, I saw even Top players fail the input and do the infamous jumping light kick instead. Now it’s 120% assured.


I used to use st. Mk as timing in super, but it doesn’t work anymore. Have to learn the timing. Lost to AIR and I should have because I didn’t practice how to beat dp on wakeup in AE.


There are more random people posting and lurking besides the 5 or 8 of us who have been here since day one.


Ken’s uppercut is bullshit. It’s like it’s got a hitbox behind him. Which I think it actually has.




In case that hostility is partially directed towards me, I’ll just say for the record that I played Dee Jay since day 1 in Super, but I’ve spent next to no time at all in the forums until now, (there was one post a while ago in this Dee Jay thread, I think) and even then I only just posted two things.


i don’t do subliminals. if i was going to call you out i’d have no problem doing it. its just the internet bro. don’t take it personal.


internet;s serus bizness yall


Same here bruddah. I’ve been comin to this place since I dont know when…just never really posted. I think I posted 1 or 2 times on a diff acount though…Started using DJ at the end of Super and used to main Rose.


I’ve never to this day fully grasped Deejays “vortex”. I thought you could control if he crosses up by when you press MK, but I’ve never been able to do it to where I personally know where he’ll end up consistently. It would make my game that much more better. I’m also not sold that I full understand the timing of his safe jump timing during those times.

I know it’s online, but I always end up trading with shotos. Anybody got any links to some reference material so I can take a look? Thanks.


You mean like actual matches or some training room stuff?


Da Knut, anything will do. Deejay has been my main but I still feel like I’m missing a true fundamental understanding of his vortex, I’m also not very solid when it comes to zoning with him. I try to play aggressive as possible occasionally using MK to keep people out and get a tick throw. Once I get the throw, that’s where I personally begin my mind games. I’m not really confident that I’m fooling any good players though, especially shotos who mash and use online quirks to their advantage.



On the last round at 5:42… the vortex begins. My opponent was 1 hit from being dizzy and I dropped my link :-(.