DEEJAY vs T.HAWK (biggest problem ever)

this big guy wont give me a chance to hit him any tips please?

This should be asked in the Match Up thread but okay. T-Hawk isn’t really hard for Dee Jay. Your Air Slashers are your best friend in this match. Zone Hawk all day, if you can anticipate a forward jump counter with J. Roundhouse. If the Hawk likes to spam Dives you can punish with Roundhouse Dread kicks or EX Dread Kicks. Also Ultra1 can punish his dives on block.

T hawk is one of my easiest fights! Surprised this is one of your worst match ups. Aside from the above, if you win a free jump in (blocked or hit) occasionally neutral jump fierce/Round house rather then continue block string/combo since well over half the time, they are just mashing command grab through block strings and will whiff for a free neutral jump combo. You can also jump back to stuff his dp move.

lk/ex Upkicks kills dives or any jump ins. Pretty easy match for me so far.

i’m going with canton on this. this is one of the easier matches if t hawk doesn’t get it. don’t be afraid to use lk up kicks. its a great AA and doesn’t get beat too often.

i thought this as well when i played but it seems like a easier match when you use the right normals like c.fierce which lets him not jump in on you expecially when your not charging for an up kick

Use U2 in this fight and try to get it down on reaction to Hawk’s dive.
Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.
Also, zone the crap out of him with Slashers and whenever he lands from a Condor Spire, use lk or EX Dread Kicks. MK if you’re feeling gutsy.

Be careful neutral jumping in Hawk’s face. Any player whose head isn’t up their ass (Admittedly rare online) is going expect and hurt you badly for doing that. imho if you aren’t already, wait until T. Hawk is in the range where you can up kick/EX Up Kick him regardless of whether he dives or just empty jumps so that you don’t get baited into something stupid. j.LP still owns the shit out of CD. From what I can tell, Hawk doesn’t have a lot of options for overcoming EX Up Kick after a crossup (Usually after an LP command throw) besides diving at a specific point and making it whiff. Another cute anti-CD tool is DJ’s j.LP, which still owns the shit out of CDs and still stays out for days.

Aside from the obvious, the two big things to watch out for against T. Hawk are EX CS (The horizontal DP looking special that goes through fireballs) and getting cornered, especially if he has U2. The former works kind of like Gief’s EX GH, aside from having less range but a far better + smoother recovery. The latter is bad because any decent Hawk is going to keep you in the corner for the rest of the round, or smack you with U2 for a fat chunk of your health.

Yeah Hawk is free-er than the Metro paper. On a blocked condor dive, I personally prefer to punish with standing roundhouse. You just gotta take a slight step forward and you can tag him with it every time (Sobat punish puts me a little too close for comfort).

Once you do this a couple times, most Hawks will wise up and start spacing their dive to land right in front of you. Best / least risky punish is cr. mk. Doesn’t do much damage, but scores you a knockdown and some time to free up a little space to start throwing slashers again.

Dee Jay vs Hawk is incredibly easy for Dee Jay.

Hawk not only will have trouble dealing with Dee Jay’s slashers, but he also does not have a solid reversal game until he gets EX meter…so he’s pretty prime for Dee Jay’s mixup games.

I came across my first serious T-Hawk at a recent tournament, and it was an absolute cake walk.

I treated it more or less like Zangief:

(1) Throw a max-out
(2) Intercept his reaction to them (slide, upkick or sobat kicks)

I brutalised the guy so bad I recommended he try to counter-pick me for the next set, but he thought he could pull it off and stuck with Hawk. I won.

The easiest punish is probably that every single blocked hawk dive can be nailed with a slide, which gets a knockdown, which gives you a lot of options. Dude should have probably just stopped hawk diving all together, but he didn’t know how else to get around the fireballs.

That was always the shitty thing about using Hawk against Deejay: he pretty much CAN’T get around maxxouts. Neutral jumping isn’t going to get you anywhere, and is more trouble than it’s worth to get over lp maxxouts. Focus? Hawk’s dash goes nowhere, so you can tag him with slide. And Condor Spire goes like 2 feet… IF you somehow manage to time it right.

You can really screw with Ted using the slower maxxouts. There is more or less nothing he can do to get in range unless you’re closing the distance yourself.