Deejay's EX MGU > U2 in USF4



I read in one article that Deejay’s mid screen EX Machine Gun Upper > Ultra 2 combo was a lot easier to do in Ultra SF4. Just wondering if anybody knows if you no longer need to do the Dash-Ultra to pull this off, or if you still need to dash but it’s now easier to do?


Still gotta dash, just have more time I assume.

I think they made it higher because since the start up is faster, if they kept it the same, you’d technically have less charge time right?


From what I understand, the changes for this were received to all of his MGU versions causing the opponent to launch higher after the final hit. This means that you may now have more time to do the dash ultra.


Talking to people who have been to the location test, it is now incredibly easy, especially if you were one of the people who would dash then ultra, but the ultra wouldn’t hit. If you can’t do it in this version, it will never be any easier.


Thanks for your insight everyone! :smiley:


ive been playing the mod, its much easier, but veterans will have to adjust. sometimes, the opponent is high enough, but too far away. i dont know what causes this though.


The button you cancel into MGU with changes how far away they go (which is why I usually opt for jab cancels). The stronger the button, the more the pushback, which does affect launch trajectory.


wow i had no idea. i still have trouble landing a, c.lpx2, exmgu blah blah on cody. it only works if you hit cody high. if you hit him deep, he fliiiiiiies


Here is my beginners guide for performing it in Utra successfully:


also the combo doesnt work on some characters. they fly too far after c.lpx2. and poison makes the ex mgu whiff


Nice notes there, but…
-Stutter stepping is not a problem that causes you to whiff.
-You can charge buffer U2 before EXMGU has fully started
-If you use j. mk, cr. lp cr. mp xx EXMGU it does not whiff on any character (maybe except Poison)
-Practice Dash U2 without anything beforehand (and get a feeling for the charge time)
-You need to have down-back charge for U2, and you have to hit offensive crouch, defensive crouch and ANY up-direction during the dash for U2 to come out. Make sure you press 3p at the exact point Dee Jay lands.
-You can practice Dash U1 to get the timing of when to press the 3k and carry it over to 3p.

With the new trajectory in Ultra, it seems that getting the directions correctly during the dash is the hardest part. Its the only thing that makes my Dash U2 whiff on occasion.


cr.lp x2 may cause some characters to whiff, but cr.lp, or cr.lp, to EX MGU doesn’t.