DeeJays Hit Boxes

I tried to search for a topic but it said the words was to shorts smh

So sorry in advance if there is a topic

Got them from my friend who is in Japan
also fame data but we have that already

I’ve been waiting for this. Doesn’t seem like anything to crazy. I guess when people talk about priority it means the ratio of hitbox compared to the hurtbox.

Far st. Mk still isn’t an AA like guile’s mk. Everything seems close to super.

Good to see this. I really gotta start using that standing short a bit more…could probably snag a crap load of crouch techers or something :smiley: far i think i have to start using ALOT more now also…so much horizontal range. its sad that i don’t use it enough.

Standing short is godlike for counterhits and stuffing shoto from the right range.
Does really link to st.lp? Frame data says it should… and that might lead to some interesting stuff.

Knockback is too far for most characters. Try it against Abel or Hakan.

Spoiler alert it leads to nothing lol if you’re having a bad day and drop your cancel you can frame trap with cr. Mk

You can link after CH The timing is hella weird.

Well confirmed what I suspected about the jabs and knee shot. Hitboxes are really good and in the right places. Fine by me since I use him as a secondary not all that good yet though.’s hit box is godlike