Deep fried turkey

So yeah. I want to try doing this this year.

Tips? Strats? Info?


It doesn’t taste as good as you’d think. It gets stringy as fuck after you fry it. That said, if you’re looking to do it from scratch, it’s not too different from chicken, to be honest. It’s just bigger.

you can marinate it with lemon ?

edit : oops sorry , read wrongly


Dont do it @ Thanksgiving, if thats what your thinking about.

do it some random time lol

in b4 a random SRKer burns their house down.


Use this as your bible:

Good Eats - Deep fried Turkey

Moral of the story, keep it away from your house on concrete or your driveway. Use a suspension system to minimize oil splashing and catching fire.


So, I guess one of the things I don’t see in any online tutorials is the cost of the whole apparatus. Does anyone have a ballpark figure for that?

You don’t own a ladder? How are you going to access high-up things?

But yeah, MOST IMPORTANT thing is that you completely dry the turkey before you fry it. Don’t do that and BOOM. There goes the house.

Contrary to what other people are saying, if you do it right, that shit is awesome. It’ll dry out and get stringy only if you over-cook it. Which is easy. The whole process, both the “don’t burn the house down” part AND the “make the turkey taste good” part is 100% being careful.

My mom deep fries our turkey every other year and yeah, the deep fryer can get pricey. We went halfers on one with our neighbors (hence the every other year) and it’s definitely a dangerous task. If you’re not skilled with frying, don’t do it. It takes most people multiple attempts to get it right, so don’t be surprised if your first attempt fails.

I remember a few years back when my grandpa cooked the turkey and he stuck his hand in the fryer and lifted the turkey out by one of the legs to check on it. The man’s hands were so calloused from years of construction that he didn’t even feel it. Shit was beastly to witness.

Learning from the best flash has to offer

Wait, so the fryer isn’t reusable?

Yeah, it’s reusable (far as I know). So is the oil (but it’ll only really be good for frying chicken or more turkey). But it takes a really big ol’ pot and it’s not like you’ll be looking to use it when you’re frying something other than a turkey or a whole pig.


Scratch that, another very good use is when you’ve got a big BBQ and you want to boil up a LOT of corn.

yes! I was gonna post that, good eats is the shit

I am curious to how this turns out as it is something I have wanted to try myself. Though I am sticking to the brine and under the skin herbed butter rub combo this year. Shit hasn’t failed me yet.

I think the outdoor cooker should work well for a crawfish or shrimp boil too.

hahaha this.

anyway, i’d help but i have zero tradition whatsoever. all bullshit to me.

carry on.

i fry turkeys for Christmas every year. it’s the bomb. don’t listen to Lobelia Prime or Tim Static. they’re haters :rofl: if you prepare it correctly it will stay juicy even after refrigeration.


inject into as many meaty areas as you can and in different positions. i make my own marinade with random stuff in our cabinets so i can't really give you actual recipe for that. but if this is your first time doing it, just get the premade stuff from the supermarket. it comes with the needle.


you need to let the marinade liquid settle. i usually season the outside of the bird when i’m done with the injection. and keep it in the refrigerator for 6-7 hours. sometimes longer.

when you’re ready to start frying, maintain oil temperature @ 350 degrees.

now, once it’s time to put the turkey in the oil, turn the turkey around in your hands. that’s to check the bird for pockets excess liquid. excess pockets of liquid + hot oil = your ass getting burned. now i lower the bird into the oil by hand- like i don’t use any crazy pulley systems or anything- our fryer has a special turkey stand which has a hook attachment at the top of it just for that purpose. i use a hook to put it in the oil. i do use an Ove Glove and wear a big coat just in case it splashes, but that’s never happened to me though. if you lower it slowly into the oil (1 inch a second or slower) nothing will happen. cooking times vary because of size and weight (duh) i usually leave it in the oil for about 45 minutes (checking the temperature every 15 minutes) before i start checking to see if it’s done.

when you take the turkey out, **make sure you turn the fire off first **and have a place to set the turkey to let the excess oil run off (i use an old cookie tray). let it cool for a few minutes, then cut a piece to see if it’s white on the inside. if it’s still pink on the inside, cover in foil and bake until it’s white (that’s only happened to me once and that was the first time i fried the turkey and that even wouldn’t have happened if mom hadn’t kept nagging me. we both didn’t know how to do it exactly back then. that one was juicy, but was dry and stringy AFTER WE REFRIGERATED IT, but by then most of it was gone anyway :cool:)

after the oil cools down, you can reuse it, but make sure to strain it.

Thats because they are cooking it wrong. Turkey becomes stringy…and dry when its overcooked.

Sep you dont know what youre missing out on.

My older brother and his family won’t be making it to our normal thanksgiving so we are doing one for them on Sun and my bro wants to fry a turkey. He bought a fryer and everything. Needless to say he has never done this before (nobody has an experience in family) and he is just going by research he has done on the internet and word of mouth.

I’m looking up information myself on the proper way to fry a turkey. Mainly cause I don’t want my bro to get hurt and I don’t want my house to burn down. Good shit to Shaft Agent for posting some instruction up.


On top of the other good posts, do it outside and keep a good CLASS B (for oil and gas fires) fire extinguisher handy. That open torch + oil = recipe for disaster. Also if you try and use a water extinguisher it will make it worse, lol. The turkey MUST be COMPLETELY thawed out before you fry it.