deep srk

i’m having trouble landing a deep srk when people jump in. i’ve been in training mode for an hour and i’m still having trouble with it. if i srk too early i get a traded. if i try and wait until they get close enough i get hit. any advice?

You need to use the shoryuken shortcut. Down-forward, down, down-forward+ P

This is important for landing deep shoryus because you’re gonna be crouching, so your hitbox will be lower to the ground.

Mariodood is right, but you could always play sagat and not care if you trade or do it cleanly :[

If you are playing online you can’t really go by the visual cues on screen. Lag will throw you off.

+1 for Mariodood
use 323 instead of 623, it works alot better for anti air,
and with Ryu, use HP srk, LP srk if you don’t have gauge for FADC and want a trade in order to combo,
for Ken, use MP srk, LP and HP will most likely trade,
for Akuma, use MP/HP
with Sagat, it doesn’t really matter, all of them has 5 frames startup and 5 frames invincibility, except for his ex srk.

So lemme get this straight, you are using a character who has a srk and you don’t want to trade? lol. Dude, its a free ultra for all those characters. But yeah I assume you are using Ryu, look when you walk forward to do a or something and they catch you off guard by jumping, you should be buffering srk inside that mk so if they jump you just got press the appropriate P button. You can only buffer it once though because if you are fully stocked your super will most likely come out if you use the shortcut.

Ok thanx I’ll giv that a try when I get home thanx.

@worm I get wat you’re sayin but I’m tryin to work on srk without trade. Sometimes I get a trade and don’t hav ex bars or ultra I’m just left with both of us taking damage


I don’t think it’s a necessity. I never use it, and I don’t have much of an error margin when landing deep dps. I don’t mean “never” in the sense that most people say either, I mean literally, I never use it.