Deer and dog fight... dog gets mounted and GnP'd


… cat try’s to get in on the action… and luckily survives


If only there was a videos sub-forum for threads like this.


if only people went to such a forum… why do people who arent mods feel the need to whing about where people post their videos? I’m sorry for the fact that you were forced to click the link to my thread and watch the entire video… and comment.


Fuck deers. Ain’t nothing majestic about deers.


I see 4 deers often in the morning on my front yard…Never knew they were this violent…I’ll bring a baseball bat & camera next time…Hopefully they will attack me so i got a reason to crack some skulls…


Damn, I’m sorry you felt this thread was discussion worthy.


Obviously I do now get the fuck outta here.



U mad?


why the fuck do they stand there wailing at the thing while its stomping their dog to dust?!

it’s just a fucking deer , punch it in the head!


shut the fuck up. If you dont like a thread, pm an admin or just DONT CLICK ON IT. Listening to people whine about threads is gay

anywho, if I ever saw a deer fucking up my dog, I’d be out there lickity split with knives and blunt objects, and I’d be eating venison for a month.

I felt sad, cuz it was obviously lost in an urban area, and was just protecting its baby. You could tell both were scared shitless. I remember coming home from work about ten years ago, and after rolling a joint, I went to smoke it out on my front porch, only to open the door and become face to face with a deer (sadly, not my first experience opening a door and finding out I am 5 inches away from a deer). I had no idea what to do (i was worried it would start running around in traffic and fuck up some people)


didnt click the link, but i felt this was worth posting: [media=youtube]qS7nqwGt4-I[/media]


WTF. Why did I just waste 2 minutes of my life watching this video? Thread is pointless.


i woulda grabbed my bat and smacked the fuck out of that deer


thread title mentioned it was a dog and deer fight. Video was a dog and deer fight

wtf were u expecting?


Proof that cats are smarter than dogs: the dog got fucked up for being friendly. The cat had been looking for a way to get the fawn into his belly since he found him by the car, but looked innocent, while the dog acted all stupid and boisterous while approaching, and momma thought he was gonna eat her kid. All that aggressive sniffing the cat was doing? He was looking for a place to bite where he could cut off the air supply…but deer are bigger than squirrels and rabbits, so he decided to try to find another way… The doe didn’t see him as a threat, but she WAS a little worried about how he kept following her fawn around…and then he slapped her. Again, Cat’s smarter. Dog got balled up, cat got a punch in, then took the fuck off.


You said it.

And of course you have these ignorant morons who beride the deer for protecting her young. This is what animals do, idiots.


Dog looked like a wolf in crouching position, GGPO.


That would be cool if people actually visited that forum…


Wow that shit was epic. That dog got rocked. I don’t even get why that cat was gonna get in that fight. Walking to death bud. Should of got a weapon to stop the damn deer. -_-


you have to feel sorry for the dog because it’s domesticated. The dog was facing away from the deer when the deer attacked it and the dog was no where near its kid. Cat got a punch in because the deer unnecessarily nudged it.