Def Jam: Fight For New York


Anybody still play this? I stand by my oppinion of this being one of the better fighters on the PS2, very solid gameplay, there was enough variation in the styles to make it matter, the presentation was top shelf, and ther take on many rappers in the game was pretty funny.

I might have to dust off my PS2 when I get home, this was a pretty sweet game.


I play it from time to time…mainly the PSP version.

FFNY> Vendetta>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>bird shit>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Icon.


That sounds about right. It’s a shame Icon was so shit terrible. Def Jam used to be a good series.

Some of the pre fight intros were class, and that announcer was so hype.


Had no idea why Henry Rollins from Black Flag was in the game but I’m not complaining. Ghostface was too nasty!!


Game was fun, but it could have been better even with it’s AKI engine. Strikes changed depending on your position on the screen, and some were better than others. Frame rate kept stuttering on both the GC and PS2 versions. Some characters weren’t thought out in tends of being good (Methodman is the worse character in the game. The Method-Snopp matchup is 2-8.) Haven’t played the PSP version but hopefully they fixed the problems of the console one with it’s updated fighting features.