Defcon850 SFIV Tournament - Tallahassee, FL - 01/30/10

Defcon850 is holding their first Street Fighter IV Tournament!

Facebook Event Page:

$15.00 Entry Fee - 100% towards the pot!

1st 60%
2nd 25%
3rd 15%

As stated by the owner, Winner’s Bracket will be played on the 360-- Loser’s will take place on the PS3, unless both parties agree to a system. Sounds confusing but they’ll have it under control.

Wireless Controllers will be available if you do not provide your own controller. All characters unlocked. Best two out of three matches set at default rounds and time. No button macros other from 3K+3P (no FA mapping ffs), no pausing, no autofire. Button checks are required before every match (HEH SCRUBS).

Scope out the place for the HDTVs they will be using. If anyone has any questions, please contact either me or the Defcon850 staff.

Suite A5- 2910 Kerry Forest Parkway, Tallahassee FL, 32309

You might wanna try just Xbox… I think most people in FL play Xbox, and every tournament I’ve been to in FL has used Xbox.

Not up to me really, but for the last tournament there was a pretty nice split of preference. x(



Alright. Hopefully they’ll be a carpool from Orlando…

Hahaha if someone from out of town came to this one, I wouldn’t know what to say.

I’ll be here, I hope Tallahassee supports this :slight_smile:

We gotta support Florida growth!
Hmmm… Well… Tallahasee is farther than I thought…

GAME OVER -Raul Julia

Thanks for showing up, everyone who did. Also, Troy, the guy who came from Jacksonville-- let me know who you are so I can get in contact with you for future events. 8)