Defeating Flowchart Morrigans?

How do you stop these kids constantly doing air drill kick, and then spamming crouching A cause its so fast and beats everything

Use characters that have a sword. Swords are so annoying…and don’t forget that c.L hits mid!

Why would Morrigan players tell you how to beat them? USE YA NOGGIN’ KID (also block)

because its an internet forum where the discussion and spread of information is one of its main benefits.
and ya block push block, and then they dash in and DRILL KICKKUUU JABJABJABJABJABJABJAB again.

ya ive been getting lucky hits with vergil st.S, or just shooting them in the face with wesker. Hmmm I havent thought of using c.L though THANKS!!!

Whoa whoa I mean that Morrigan’s c.L hits mid! (AKA no need to crouch if all they’re doing is spamming)

  1. Block.
  2. Zone with projectiles.
  3. Attack during her air dash.
  4. Punish with a Hyper.
  5. Air Throw when she gets close.
  6. If your character has a counter move, use it.

Or wait till their thumbs go sore from Air Dashing to drills or fireball flight cancel fireballs. That is what I do vs my cousin and vice versa.
/ Physical advantage

The drill itself have a kinda wacky recovery (she looks like she recovered on the ground, but there is a slight delay), so utilizing air guard (Chicken Blocking if the term is correct). You could also try to match up with zoning battles, but unless you have a good fast and furious projectile / beam, it will be on her advantage.

Generally Morrigan Playstyle is unusually safe thanks to super fast flight cancels, which makes even her Dragon Punch a safe instant High / Low mix up, so it is kinda hard to find one general defensive counter to her rushdown. But if your general problem is the Drill move, have no worries, since it is neither special cancelable or flight cancelable, and like said earlier have a wacky but hard to clearly notice recovery which gives you punish opprotunities should you air block.