Defeating Galactus:tips and such

Now many people think old gala here is cheap… HE IS, but you can dodge most of his attacks
Full body laser: Probaly his most damaging attack (and in the game).
The best way to avoid this is to use xfactor and block.
dual hand crush: the lv1 version of his FBL,just super jump to dodge
Hand laser:super jump
punch:advance guard (cause you can time it better than s.jump)

thanks for the tips can you teach me how to beat training mode next?

also how do you jump in this game? no matter how high I jump in front of my Kinect my guys don’t leave the ground.

Galactus is cheap if you’re mashing on L and don’t realize that when you hold back, characters block.

aww guys be nice.
thanks for the advice.
i think.

uhhh you can

play this on kinect???

learn to super jump he becomes easy


not after he loses half health, then he can spam lasers and energy balls (lol)

Go to dummy settings, turn damage on.

Get him to 50%, hit x factor, do team super. Not a hard fight.

Damn kids these days.

Use Dragonite, he does headshots and doesn’t afraid of anything.

you can rape galactus without x factor

I was disapointed on how easy he was, I just stayed in the air most of the time and punched the shit out of his head.

I find the clones to be alot harder then galactus

On a more serious note, the clones are harder than the fight itself just because there’s two of them. However, you can kill them pretty fast if you play… decently.

I realized not too long ago that Dormammu casting meteors (2C:1D) in x-factor took off literally over half his life in level 1. Level 3 xfactor I did it once and supered and he died.

He’s not that hard though. Just block and hit him a lot. When he goes for his big super where he makes the giant ball near the end of his lifebar, make sure you hit him in the head, cause his body starts taking less damae. Beyond that its a breeze once you’ve done it once.

well yesterday i was playing on hard and he raped me with the ball attack, plus the clones take 2x chip damage because they share a life bar

up forward, m, m, h, s, land, block, up forward, m, m, h, s land… Grab animation incoming replace upforward with down, up. Congrats you just beat galactus.

Gamma Crush > Galactus.