Defeating Sentinel... WITH ANYONE

So well after a lot of salt and articles…

I thought “why not go to the community and resolve this issue”

Everybody is going nuts about Sentinel right now and maybe a lot of people need the help, so why not create a thread and try to (AS A COMMUNITY) solve the problems??

This is why the forum exist right?

So this will be for anybody who is having trouble against him… Itll be updated periodically with new strats or new moves or new stuff…

Feel free to contribute to this thread… we will choose the best tactics and then we will update them (so somebody contributes with a tactic an then somebody test it if it works we add it…)

Anti-sentinel Strats

*** Snap him in (if his second or third) as much as necessary…**

Snapping is one of the best weapons against level 3 X-factor, in my limited experience i have faced a lot of teams with sentinels as the third or second character, so if i have a chance i will snap him in, one thing you dont want in this game is to deal with a level 3 x-factor sentinel.

Yes, it creates trouble because you now have to face him but you get to fight against him pretty early and (temporarily) with no assist (you cant call any assist or tag out for a brief time), im guessing anybody have a fighting chance against him if you have at least your full team right?

Also if the opponent tags sentinel out, just snap him back, he will lose all of his red health making him less of a threat.

This is a very basic strategy against him but it does work (in fact it works against any team and any character that frightens you).

You dont believe me? play against the CPU in very hard check how many times you will get snapped out a lot and sometimes it wrecks your game plan.

Feel free to contribute with more…

  • Right now its very late and i need to sleep and also i dont know if the mods will close this thread or relocate it… so i wont vomit all the info right now, if it gets going i will.

run away and kill him with projectiles… or press the power button on the ps3


Seriously, yellow spit isn’t even one of the best zoning tools in the game. In fact it’s pretty easy to avoid once you know how.

What/Why/How do YOU use sentinel? If you can’t beat them, just join them!

I think I’ve heard about enough of all those scrubs whining about Sentinel, for all they know is that we only use him because he is crazy strong and cheap, but no!


I wanted the big robot on my team.

I want to win.

thats true when i use amaterasu, he cant zone me…

Also as we saw in the first tournament, justin wong played a Wolverine - Akuma that harassed sentinels all day long, infinite pressure seems to work against him, of course that a more dangerous tactic, because of his hyper armor…

Keep it up guys, thanks for replying…

Great thread, I think it will help a bunch of people

What I do against Sent. My team is Zero(a)/Doom(b)/Sent.(a). I know it may seem foolish to expose my own character’s weaknesses, but it needs to be said.

Zero vs Sent.: When fighting a player that uses Sent. I try to save Zero for the fight, this is my best match-up against him. With Zero I’m able to do instant over-heads, hold him with Doom’s missile pressure, use multi-hit attack against his armor (air H, forward H). The key to beating Sent. is full on mix-up pressure (I believe).

Doom vs Sent.: Doom vs Sent. Is not my favorite match-up but not impossible. j.M is a multi-hit that is good against his armor, piss him off with j.H. Normal QCF+A beam pressure works well against Sent’s spit. I still need more work on this match-up

Sent. vs Sent.: If you are caught up in “spit wars” and losing, throw out a Hyper Sentinel Force to change it in your favor. If you land a spit close enough, try, H xx down-H xx Rocket Punch M xx Hyper Sentinel Force. This match-up goes in many directions.

Edit: Stuff to know about Sent. : Jumping in without a multi-hit attack or an assist will make you eat a cr.M into launch into death. Sent’s spit will put assists to a halt. Sent. can do a air H into air S, so block high until he touches ground (This seems like common fighting game sense, but it’s tricky).

Most importantly, find what your character can do against Sent. He is not very hard to beat IMO. I would like to see what comes out of this thread.

hes not hard to beat, but one slip up, your whole team is gone.

i use him for trolling

Thanks for the reply Big Bruce94 I also play sentinel but to me is kind of boring to play as him.
A long time ago i noticed that in order to defeat some characters you had to learn how to play as them…

Learning sentinel helps defeating him…

This is a great idea for a thread. Thanks for creating it.

Ive thought the same about snapbacking more but when you think about it, it costs a lvl which could have been a Hyper combo since your most likely landing that snapback in a situation you could have combod.
I think we still need to weigh out how plausible it is to get him out of Xfactor land.
So far its still theory fighter for me because my damn mother in law always on the tv and the second I got to play… my stick with sf fighter pad soldered in, damn pad blew out on me and Y button was always stuck in. Had to get a new pad.

Try and snap him in before he gets overcharged with 5 bars and xfactor 3.

That’s why I use Deadpool & Sentinel.

I personally feel my current team is great for dealing with sent. Chris b, Doom b, Hulk b. If he is spit spamming, you can go prone with Chris and just keep shooting his feet. If he is getting close, call in hulk and knock him into the sky. You should get as far away from sent as you can when he is knocked up and repeat. If you find the time, you might as well throw a strong grenade too. Doom’s hidden missiles can save you from a combo that could end up killing you if it is well placed enough. If all else fails, X-factor up that hulk and hit sent harder then he could hit you.

his assist plus damage output with simple shit is too good to pass up.

Because hes a stupid easy character to use by a long shot.

S is for Slaughter, that’s good enough for me.

Really, he’s my worst character though.

Because I refuse to use characters I don’t like? Playstyle/aesthetics/story, whatever. And Sentinel isn’t one of them, unfortunately. I’m not going to whine like a little bitch though. If people want to use him for his great damage, screen filling shenanigans and amazing assist, that is, of course, fair game. He’s just an obstacle that as a player, I have to work around and devise strategies to beat him. Sagat didn’t stop me enjoying SF4, even though my friend used to main him for our offline matches. And it’s very much the same situation. I think if a lot people shut the fuck up and learnt the game and stopped demanding to be spoon-fed stuff, everyone would be better off.