Defeating Sentinel... WITH ANYONE

This. Not in my main team though. I don’t actually like him, but using MSS for the lulz draws too much salt for me to pass up.

Find an infinite and use it on Sent.

I really think the only thing that is making people claim that Sent is OP is the armour on his c.M and S.

This is just my opinion, but I don’t think Sentinel’s mobility in the air is as nearly as good. Most of his good features now are either on the ground or ground-to-air.

So why not just take the fight to air? I’ve been doing that with Magnus and Storm and so far, it has been proving to be affective. Sent is no longer a big of a threat when you’re forcing him to go off the ground.

Felicia, X-23, and Wolvie rape his nuts hard

Also anyone with a teleport

I don’t think Sent is OP but people also complain that he can almost spam drones back-to-back.

i like the concept of super armor.

Super Armor, hardly anyone does vs Sentinel specific combos so they aren’t making good use of one of his two weaknesses (being big) which makes his huge vitality have no drawback, his drones assist is amazing for lockdown (can use on keepaway or rushdown teams), kara-throw is really strong, insane damage off a simple otg punch to hyper.

Good air game, decent ground game (against people without fast, short-range multi-hit moves), great long range game (especially with something like doom missles).

I agree with all of it… I was tempted to use Sent cause I take losses like a Champ … lol 37-80+ (or something stupid) but I remember how long it took me before I could hop online and actually win on a consistent basis in SSF4 and how much work I put in and matchup studying I did. I didn’t use a Character cause I thought it was cheap I used (ibuki)the caharacter cause she was fun to play with … I rather shut people up by learning someone I like to Play rather than learn to do stuff that everyone else is doing just because it seems broken.

People always spammed SRk and Hadoken and I hated it after I learned how to deal with it It was halarious to PUNISH the hell out of the scrubs that did it … I would Bait out SRK and make them eat Target combo Mixups and slide under a fireball and up and over the second come down and block the srk and make them eat it AGAIN. Just gotta learn to deal with stuff people like to do all the time.

Cause when it comes down to it and I am only winning cause I am doing the cheapest thing I can find in a game and nothing else, I am not getting better for it and it really isn’t fun at all.

ya go sentinel

i love sentinel

xfactor cancel into invincible supers against hsf spam works well.

isn’t this a bizarre thread to have within the sentinel section?
telling people how they can beat your character

It’s a Sentinel-specific thread. If people wanted to use it (hint: you’re not obligated to read it or post in it), it would make the most sense here. shrug

well what about the mirror match? sent vs sent, yesterday i was raping my friends sent with my sent, and later he raped mine, the air to air stuff looks random to me, sometimes the S in the air owns his H in the air, pretty random stuff, any suggestion for the mirror match?the yellow spit stuff war is easy, but the air to air shit?

i felt the same way but honestly you just need to level up your game guys.
i was messing around with training mode today and found several things with alot of characters that beat his ass.

Dante= 214a,h will punish a blocked cr mk or blocked launcher from sent, it will also beat his cr mk and launcher clean.
Trish= free launcher on a blocked cr mk or blocked launcher from sent.
deadpool= cr h to laucher on blocked or wiffed launcher from sent.

this was all found in about 20 minutes i am sure there are lots more

i use Viper, Zero, Storm mainly
for Viper use seismo if hes spittin and use thun knuckle H if hes jumpin
Now zero has those overheads, like fullscreen jump then do command dash M and H and it’ll get em if they’re spittin
storm just fly away LA and hailstorm after typhoon, im sure its been said but i’ll say it again overheads all day against sent and try to kill him early if they call him put as assist

defeat me?
I just fucking press S and launch your puny ass into the air all night long, not like you can punish it if you block it.

Listen, Sentinel can be beated but about like what? 5% of the time? The other 95% he is kickin your a$$.

Have you not noticed you cant make a team entirely commited to beating Sentinel? thats ONE guy on their team of THREE. Chances are when you assist, he will hyper DRONE you, X-FACTOR, Hyper Drone AGAIN, and kill 2 guys at once? Yes I do this ALL THE TIME LMAOOOOO.

You can talk strats but if you cant beat him, join him.

The only way to beat sentinel CONSISTENTLY, is USE HIM!

The only reason you guys would be beating him if you arent using one is if you are playing against a NOOB. And even if you were playing against a NOOB sentinel, he would probably take out most of your team with just SENTINEL LMAOOOO

Yeah it makes a lot of sense to make this thread right now because everyone is super lazy with this game and is just running Sentinel until someone else figures out someone else. Sentinel is powerful and all but he’s not unbeatable and has his own issues. Especially since you can put 3 characters on the team and choose from a potential 9 different assists and how there’s so many sub systems there’s much more room to work around a powerful character in this game than say in SFIV. Especially since this is a 3 on 3 game so that character really is just one element of a team that you have to beat.

Sentinel isn’t going to rush u down because he has zero mix up compared to the rest of the cast and pretty much relies on super armor derp or dash in throw/command grab after assist to hit you if he ever gets that close. Otherwise he just wants to spit and frying pan you down because that all leads to ridiculous damage no matter where he is on the screen and that’s the way he was designed to play. There’s not much reason for him to get close to you when he can win just as easily and do the same damage from near full screen. You can use that to your advantage. Most good players are just going to use Sentinel to make their rushdown or lame game with another character broke so a lot of the time your trouble IMO should be more so due to his assist than Sentinel himself. At least for my characters i feel someone derping it out with Sent assist with a character that actually has mix up is stronger than Sent himself. If you get in and do a lot of damage to a sentinel drone assist early that can help a lot towards winning when u snap him back in when he’s lower on health.

Right now I’m playing Chun/Wesker/Doom so I’ll just post some quick strategies for that team and the characters.

Chun: Chun Li’s gameplan against Sentinel is pretty simple. You can’t win from a distance because fireballs are complete shit compared to his spit. You’re designed to get in and spam broke priority legs and air dash mix ups so dont be afraid and just get the hell in. You’ll want to have yourself protected with a good projectile type assist like Doom’s beam as you go in so u can have an extra tool to deal with his spit or jump back/forward frying pan as you’re going in. Which honestly outside of whatever assist he’s using that’s all you really have to worry about. Once you get close to Sentinel he can only do a few things which is super armor normal, hard drive super to get away from you (not really worth doing unless absolutely necessary), jump back frying pan or call assist. Super armor normal gets beat by air dash lightning legs for free. Basically if u think he’s going to do anything that isn’t super just legs. If it hits (which it will) you get a free combo. Especially since his play style is mid to far range if you got close enough to hit him with legs he’s most likely near the corner which will set up free stomp juggles for big damage and meter build. Once you land that into an OTG S combo you can call assist and land super to DHC super for big damage or apply a mix up. Once you get Sent knocked down with OTG its very likely you’ll win. You just have too much mix up against his big hit box. Air dash in M high low game, air dash in legs, air dash cross up H, instant head stomp to lightning legs, instant head stomp to air dash H cross up to combo…it just goes on and on. That’s why you have to play the match to get in on Sentinel. The farther away you are from him the less you can do (almost nothing) and the closer you are to him the more you can do (win). The fact that Sentinel can’t armor out lightning legs means if you have a good assist backing you up as you get in you can definitely win quick.

Wesker: This matchup I still need some work with but im almost convinced Wesker can or almost completely beats this character once u learn the matchup. The only thing Wesker has going against him in this match I feel is limited ability to armor break his normals. I haven’t tested anything but I don’t really see anything he has that is fast enough to run through Sent armor normals. Though that’s why its good to back him up with Doom beam assist or Lightning Legs assist to break that shit up as u get close. The reason why I feel Wesker can do well in this match is because he never really has to turtle against Sentinel. You know he’s going to spam ANOTHER beam? LP teleport to low short combo. You know he’s going to jump or fly from a range? Shoot him out of the air with sam edge into juggle. He’s close enough to you to use super armor? Call assist and HP teleport on top of him for high low mix up. Sentinel has a decent lame game but Wesker pretty much doesn’t care and once he gets in all Sent can really do is mash on armor normal or jump. It’s very unlikely a sentinel will get anymore creative than that with their defense and Wesker’s teleport game mostly nullifies his zone without an assist and even with an assist you just have too many tools to get in. Once you knock him down u get can get him afraid of tick strings into wave dash in throw/command grab and then when he gets scared of that you can air back throw him into more shit. As you’re getting in you can use Doom beam to augment your teleport game to point where u can just use it to create full screen block strings and combo setups and if it hits while you’re teleporting free juggle.

Doom: This match is interesting I feel because Doom is definitely pretty much self sufficient against Sentinel. Your lame game beats his since Doom beam recovers just as fast as Sent spit and has more projectile points. Your beam pretty much forces him to have to go to the air to approach you and well he can’t really win there either. If he decides to take to the air as long as u have meter u have some serious options to punish him like DP+2ATK sphere flame to shoot him out of the sky and take solid damage from him, QCB+2ATK air photon array, ground photon shot if he’s still at a distance or just jump up and heavy gun (j.H) him out of the sky. If you have a character with a strong projectile/anti air assist that can always help but that’s not really necessary when Doom can just do it himself. The only reason you’ll ever need to get near Sentinel is if he starts to go near you which he eventually will since he’s not going to beat your lame game. When that happens you can use your traditional lame stuff to keep him out and if he gets too close that’s when u wanna scare him with air dash M and low short pressure to force him into combos. Air M breaks up armor easily so once u learn how to use this with his air dash game this becomes powerful if he closes in. If he starts trying to jump u can catch him in the air with air back throw and set up free OTG combo.

this is just simply not true, so far in this game wolvie owns him hard as does pheonix, dante, zero and i believe haggar. doom beats him from distance and there are probably other characters as well. like i said before level up your game. yea level 3 xfactor sent kills you in one hit but so does level 3 xf haggar pheonix dante and wolvie, and their mixup games to get that combo are better than sents.

Sent is a great character high damage with armor but after playing good sents the only thing that scares me now with sent is his assist, it just makes other characters much better. the other thing is because of sents high health you need to save your xfactor for him. he is good but i am more scared of a good wolvie or zero than a sent.

Super Skrull is a cheesy bastard in his own right. Use meteor smashes when Sentinel is on the other side of the screen and then make him pay with the Elastic slam and Tenderizer.