Defective/Fried Happ Microswitches?

I’m using a Happ Competition joystick to create a custom joystick for my Xbox 360. I had everything wired up to the PCB, buttons, and stick, and the stick itself seemed to be working briefly, then, suddenly it stopped registering.

I thought maybe it was an issue with wiring to my PCB, but when I connected any of the four wires from the stick to one of my buttons, it registered as a press in that direction.

Would this seem to indicate faulty/defective microswitches on the joystick?That would seem like the easiest explanation, though it seems really odd that all four would stop working simultaneously.

Has anyone encountered this before and have a different possibility? Could it have been something I did that would have “fried” the switch? Thanks much.

Check that you have the wires running to the correct prongs on the microswitches. On mine there are three prongs, labeled on the side. One is ground, the others are normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC). Make sure they are all wired normally open. It sounds like you have one or more of the switches wired normally closed.

Edit: Oops. Forgot that you said it was working for a bit and had tested your soldering. Might be a bad switch if it’s not the above.

Thanks for the feedback. I am an idiot (no surprise). I had the grounds daisychained together, starting at the stick. Apparently, one of the ground wires wasn’t solidly crimped within my quick connectors, so it looked like it was wired properly, but it wasn’t fully connected.

Sorry for the false alarm!