Defective Round 2 TE stick?


I’m having a problem with my brand new TE. I just received it yesterday (I ordered it from the B1G1 free deal in November) but didn’t get to test it until 10 minutes ago. I immediately went to training mode to test out Fei’s BnBs and noticed I couldn’t FADC to the right, as in, no matter what side of the screen I’m on, he would not dash towards or backwards to the right. I can FADC to the left 100% but for some reason the game doesn’t register the stick’s input to the right while I held down the triangle and circle buttons. I even reassigned those two buttons to different strengths and it still acts up (Fei either just stands there while I’m holding triangle+circle+right or he keeps moving right after I’ve let go of the stick). Has anyone dealt with Madcatz online for a defective return?


See the turbo panel?
set it to DP. That should fix your problem.


I just tested it again and the stick was already in DP mode. Looks like I’m gonna have to contact Madcatz. :confused:


Check your inputs in training mode to make sure its your stick.


I did, even when I mash right while holding the triangle+circle buttons the game might pick up one of those inputs, or none of them o.O


Sounds like the harness or a microswitch, harness could be half unplugged had this happen multiple times with other sticks then i just started using hotglue on them out of the box. But i wouldn’t open it unless your not under warranty if you are send it in.


That must be it. I finally got to try the other TE I got and it works perfectly. I should be under warranty though, I’m about to send a request.


Madcatz hasnt been too bad with the warrenty if you open it up from the top. as long as you arent cutting,replacing,mangling anything it wouldnt hurt to open the TE topside and look in to check the connections…


I had a very similar problem with keyboard inputs on PC SF4, because the keyboard could not handle certain key combination at the same time. I would wager that your PCB is faulty, and it’s short-circuiting the right joystick microswitch when you hold down the two middle buttons.


So I finally got a RMA # from Madcatz…but what’s the simplest/best way to ship the stick back to them? I’ve never done this before lol. I have a Fedex and a UPS store nearby, which would you guys recommend I go to? Also, how much would it cost to send it back?


About $10-15 at USPS when I shipped a similar weight stick before.


Mad Catz will take care of you if you just ordered from our recent promo, my advice call and ask them to send you another one. Let me know how it goes for you.


odd im having an issue with my TE stick also the jab or short button keeps stopping to work randomly


Just got back from USPS, the total to ship it was $21.94 D:


Wow, just incredible. I got my stick back with this note. And the thing is even more unresponsive than before.
So now I’ve spent $178 for one TE Round 2 that works (And I’m giving to a friend), and a broken one. Gotta Love Madcatz. And here I thought I was gonna have a stick to use for when MvC3 comes out. sigh


Can’t you just demand a full refund if it’s under warranty and you’re not happy with it?

Mad Catz returning your stick and saying it works fine is a joke…


Not sure if I can get a refund. I already put a octagonal gate in the working one for my friend lol. I still don’t understand why they couldn’t just send me a new one. I clearly stated the stick was brand new, and less than a week old. I wouldn’t have bothered to send it in for an extra $22 and be without a stick for another month if i wasn’t 100% sure the stick was defective. :frowning:


Or you could get in touch with MarkMan (who already posted here) since he is one of the folks behind these things at MadCats.


If they checked it and it came back stating there was no problems I doubt markman would be able to do much. I have seen other sticks preform that way on 360’s only to play on mine and have the owner of the stick say “wow! this is way faster than how it is on my xbox!”. Not saying that your situation is the same but I’m just saying that maybe its another issue other than your stick. if anything sell it and you will break even at the least. if it is brand new and the madcatz team sent it back stating it was working and good to go save yourself more grief and get rid of it. Other than stating that it is slow or non-responsive on your ssf4 game doesnt really give enough to troubleshoot a possible problem.