Defective Tatsunoko VS Capcom Fight Stick. What to do?


My Tatsunoko VS Capcom Fight Stick started misbehaving since yesterday. The topmost left button just stops registering button presses. A pain in the *ss since I can no longer do SPDs with the jab button :0/

Anyway I called Mad Catz and I found out the device is still under warranty. They were pretty cool about it and told me to send it back to them in the UK so I can receive a replacement unit.

The thing though is that the postage to the UK is going to cost almost as much as I paid for the entire stick, which kind of blows. Also I’m pretty sure I can get a refund from the store I bought it from since it’s still under warranty.

What do you think I should do. Should I:
[]Return it to Mad Catz in the UK and get a replacement?
]Open it up and swap the top left button with another button on the device and see if the problem goes away voiding my warranty
[*]Get a refund (possibly) from the store where I bought it from?
It’d be nice to get some advice.

The entire thing is pretty odd though since I’ve only used it for less than two weeks. I’m pretty careful with my stuff and haven’t dropped it, spilled stuff on it or anything.
I own three Tatsunoko VS Capcom Fight Sticks, which I originally planned to mod with better parts. It hasn’t happened yet though. since the other two are still unused and unopened in their boxes.

I suspect the PCB might be damaged and it’d be pointless to open it up and find that out, since I don’t have a replacement for that.
Found this thread which seems to similar.

And this one :

TL;DR: My Tatsunoko VS Capcom Fight Stick broke down and I need help deciding what to do.


Replace the button there shit anyway if you want to keep the same color just replace the microswitch with a sanwa one No need in shipping it back because it will just happen again in a few months

Also post questions like this in thenoob section you are just bumping all the good informative tech talk threads deeper in to the forum oblivion were there harder for people find


EDIT: Just wanted to post that changing the faulty button to a SANWA OBSF-30 fixed the problem.

Thought it might do someone some good, since I haven’t seen anything regarding this.

Thanks for the info. I totally missed the noob section part. I’ll ask a mod to delete this thread.