Defective vinyl on new HRAP VX SA?

hi guys, just bought a HRAP VX SA yesterday. Is it normal for the vinyl artwork part to stick up/out a little? If I read correctly it is glued onto the top itself right? So would mine be defective? The most noticeable parts are high lighted in the picture.

It’s rather noticeable of what part is uneven. Should I just go back to the store and return it for another one? Any help appreciated.

edit- if it makes any difference VX SA is the JP release.

Can you post a pic without the red marks?

Impossible to tell with the red squiggly lines. Also, if you could take a pic closer up it might help.

Yeah, it’s really hard to see, especially with the red covering the parts that are “defective”

the circle around my V3sa’s rubbing off =[