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There are some rumors that the REAL ARCADE PRO.V PREMIUM VLX HAYABUSA Joystick harbor some Factory Defects world wide ???

May I please kindly ask if anyone has come across these defects and can describe what these defects are ?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you very much for your time and kind help !!!

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Dr. David Bowman


Start here and read forward a few pages: The Hori PS4 VLX thread


Sheet metal not bent properly, causing poor misalignment once the cabinet is closed. Dimples on the edge near where your palms rest. Bumps and dimples on the edges where the metal meets the plastic. Plastic door in the back has some discoloration or other deformities.


Check this out. I quoted a few posts about it. There’s a link for each of them there too.


I have one and it didn’t have any defects. I ordered it from Arcade Shock and it just came yesterday. Stick is absolutely pristine. Maybe this is no longer an issue?


My Hayabusa had the dimples in the front.

One of my Diamond’s is not “flush” with the way the bezel angles, but another diamond is pristine.

Both my OG’s are also pristine, but I have seen OG’s with the same dimple at the front as the Hayabusa.

Hopefully when I purchase the Kuro, it doesn’t have the dimple

I honestly believe it’s luck of the draw.


My first diamond came with the dimples and I had to contact the vendor to exchange for another one. The vendor asked for pictures of the dimples and then denied that there were any dimples present even though they were obviously there. I made them exchange the stick for another one and the second one they shipped was perfect without and defects. So it really is the luck of the draw.


Mine has what seem to be slight dimples on the panel.


The Dimples are a side effect of the manufacturing process, where the studs (the mounting hardware) is hydraulically pressed or welded into the panel.


Assumed as much. This is why I made no mention of them in our review.