Defenders Unite! (The MvC3 Hulk Team-Building Thread)



I was gonna use Avengers in the title, but I’ll let Cap, Thor & Iron Man have the name. For those enough to use Hulk on point (like me :cool:), here’s a thread that will help you. We can discuss which assists work best with him, and who best works with Hulk on DHCs.

With Sentinel back in the game, players could arguably use his Sentinel Force Assist to aid in rushdown efforts, helping Hulk close the gap safely.


What we got Chicago in the house, hey put me on yo friends list man. I use Hulk on point too.


can anyone experiment if this team would be legit. Hulk-Y, Zero-A,Dormmamu- A


Bruce, Wade and Tony look really good together but I still can’t decide on assists.
AA Gamma Charge as get off me move for Deadpool, or maybe Wave to put them far awat even on block?
And more important question: UniBeam and Katana-Rama to help Hulk get in and maximize his damage or Smart Bombs and Quick Work? UniBeam can be really helpful but Quick Work creates unblockables as it hits low and works great with Iron Man’s instant overheads.

What do you guys think?

Also what would be the best order of characters? I’m pretty sure Hulk on point is definite but what about other two?


im playing around with taskmasterA/dormammuB/hulkY, starting with hulk. dormammu helps with otg combos in the corner for Gamma crush action and taskmaster decent assist helps him get in. Taskmaster is great at rushing down/zoning with hulk assist and getting them into the corner with bnb swings combo which you can easily otg them with dormammu assist, taskmaster MH hyper arrow (upwards angled on ground) into gamma crush for sick dmg. Still it is very hard to get in with hulk with no really good projectile assist like ironman etc.

Any thoughts about this?


try parabolic arrow assist with taskmaster. ive been doing that with just spamming gamma wave and its been insanely effective at zoning and making them play to you. and god forbid they get hit by either cause they just combo together for like 250k. most people just super jump over it or try to beam super through it which you can easily bait. if they super jump just set yourself up under them and its hulks game from there.


Uni-Beam for Shellhead, Quick Work for 'Pooly. You might also wanna look at Repulsor Blast, too. It may not look like it now, but Hulk benefits best from having an AAA watching his back, and Stark’s provides one of the best in the game. Plus Deadpool’s Quick Work comes out a little faster than Tony’s Smart Bombs, and speed is never a bad thing. As for the order, have Hulk on point followed by Stark & Wade. It’s a lot easier to DHC into the Proton Cannon from Banner’s Gamma Crush or Tsunami.

Currently, I’m using Hulk & Thor as a team now (since surprisingly Thor’s normals remind me of the Hulk), but I’m still lost on a third. I’m open to any suggestions…


been experimenting around, is this an alright team?

Zero, Hulk, Ryu

I understand that both Ryu and Hulk are good because of there assists and are not exactly fantastic point characters, should i change my build to contain more offensive characters like would…

Zero, Chun-Li, Ryu be a good combo?

I was trying Zero, Super Skrull, Ryu for a while… Its obvious that i love Zero and main Ryu in SSF4

Any help is appreciated!!


My team is Trish(peekabo), Deadpool (katana-rama), and Hulk(anti-air charge)

Hulk acts as anchor and gets people away from trish, with hulk and deadpool’s assists plus trish’s traps, people have a hard time touching her, plus hulkl wrecks as an anchor with some meter.


Thanks for your opinion. I guess you meant Pool’s Katana-Rama assist cause Quick Work doesn’t hit otg :wink:
I also noticed that DHC into Angled Proton Cannon is so much easier (and more damaging). Also it’s important that you can DHC almost immediately after using Deadpool’s if Iron Man is in the middle (in some combo’s it won’t be possible do DHC into Deadpool as he’ll not recover after assist in time)

I don’t think it’s a good idea to have two heavy hitters on the team. To much problems with heavy keep away.


Can Hulk and Haggar function together on a team? I REALLY like Haggar and don’t want to drop him, but I’m seeing more zone/keep away teams (at least at this point)


Right now I’m running with Hulk, Dr. Doom and then Sentinel.

I use Hulk at the point and then the Moleculer Shield on Doom and the Sent Force Charge punches for Sent. I find that Doom and Sent can really cover the screen for Hulk and allow me to get in with him and of course Doom and Sent can hold their own handily if Hulk falls. To be honest against most people playing right now this team kinda feels cheap lol. I hardly have to even use Sentinel, Doom and Hulk is a great combo.


I’ve been having a lot of success abusing the Hsien-Ko gong>armor>free tag opening. Then I just abuse the shit out if her Senpu Bu assist to make Hulk super safe. I’m still looking for a third though, I’ve been using Trish but haven’t been having much success. Hsien-Ko assist is bustedly good though.


I’m running Hulk/Doom/Wesker. Any tips on this team? Assist suggestions? I bought the strategy guide, recommended Wesker for Hulk


Molecular Shield for Doom on Assist…


Hulk + Wester Mix Ups

With Hulk on point + Wesker (or any low assist):

:l:+:m:+:a1:, jump cancel, j. :l:, j. :s:

One of Hulk’s “hard-to-blockables.” With X-23’s Ankle Slicer assist, this sequence is a fairly quick high-low-high mix up. Since Wesker’s Samurai Edge comes out so quickly, this will probably be nigh unblockable. Really good for starting pressure.

Hulk + Doom Reset

Then you have the Hulk + Doom (rocks) reset into Gamma Tornado off a launcher, which I’ll repost here with a minor tweak:

:l:, :m:, :s:+:a1:, j.:m:, j.:s:, land, :l:-Gamma Tornado

I originally had j.:l: as the first move in the air combo, but it whiffs on smaller characters, j.:m: works on everyone. Hulk spikes the opponent into Doom’s Rocks, which only hits them once or twice because you’re doing it so late. This forces them to tech, allowing you to grab them. You can also go for cr. :l: here, if you think they’ll stand block or try to jump out. Off cr. :l: you can do a 790 000 damage combo midscreen (1 bar/1 assist); the same combo does 900 000 in the corner. You’ll be using Doom’s Rocks here as well, he should recover in time, though to be honest I haven’t tried it.

cr.:l:, :m: xx :f::d::df:+:h: (all hits) > :h:, land, :l: + :a2: xx :f::d::df:+:l: (least hits) > :h:, :s:, j. :m:, j. :h:, j. :s:, Gamma Tsunami.

In the corner, after j.:s:, call out Wesker’s assist and do Gamma Crush. If Wesker is dead, use :l:-Gamma Wave xx Gamma Crush.

Covering Hulk’s Approach with Doom

You also have different ways Doom Rock’s can cover your approach, which I touched on in the general thread, but I might as well post it all here. Doom Rocks will be represented by :a2: in these examples.

:a2:, :l:+:m: xx :d::df::f::uf:+:l: = Early Rocks. The longer you delay your jump canceled Gamma Charge, the further in front of you the Rocks will be. This basically makes Hulk’s Gamma Charge like Captain America’s Charging Star, since you’ll blow through all projectiles.

:l:+:m:, :a2: xx :d::df::f::uf:+:l: = Late Rocks. You’ll be charging and the Rocks will follow you. This is better against characters with a poor projectile game; they’ll block your Charge first, then the Rocks, making it completely safe. Both of these methods will make Gamma Charging really safe, even though there’s a bit of finger gymnastics involved.

I’m going to be recording a lot of the stuff I’m talking about tonight, and posting videos in the video thread. Stay tuned for those :). Hope my post will help your game!


that’s a good team. the doom stuff especially sounds really smary. but about that j.l / wesker assist. if they crouch block won’t the j.l just whiff.


I kind of assumed it works with Wesker the same way it works with X-23; they block the j.:l: first, then the assist.


Great tips guys. Think I finally found my team:)


well after a little playing. Hulk/Dormmamu work pretty good, but im having a really hard time considering a third character. A lot of my buddies tend to rush down so i was considering if anyone knew a character that had good mixups or rush down options. Iv been playing deadpool a bit, but i dont know if i really should continue using him.