Defending against better players

I’ve realized that i can sometimes keep better opponents at bay if I survive the first 20 secs of the round and can sometimes win a round or two when I punish properly. One problem is that against almost any player, I manage to find myself hit in the first half a second despite defending then pushed to the corner with no way out. Any help on how to avoid this. Also i can’t attack straight out as I’m trying to learn defensively and the only combos i know are for punishing. Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you are a more defensive or reactionary player. That’s cool, but you have to add some offense and agression to your game. You’re probably not capitolizing on oppertunities to go on the offensive. Thus allowing your opponent to stay on the offensive and thus back you into a corner. In fighting games. unless you foe is just mashing. You want to dictate the flow of battle rather than play a reactionary game. So you just gotta learn how to get into your character’s effective range. And learn how to stay there and make it hard for your foe to move you from there. When you’re the one dictating the flow of battle, you can’t really get pushed into the corner. Not saying you shouldn’t play defensive. But you have to recognize when it’s time to go on the offensive and capitolize.

This is a bit vague and doesn’t really give enough information to make a useful response to your specific problem(s). As a newer player it can be hard to describe things without being as familiar with game terminology. This is normal, but any additional information would help.

In general, it sounds like you need to improve both your neutral game and defense: essentially, how to keep yourself out of disadvantageous positions like being in the corner, and how to get out of those situations once they occur. How to do that is a bit hard to explain without at least knowing your character and if there are any specific characters that give you an especially hard time. If you have any method for capturing footage (even if it’s just a cell phone camera recording the screen) that can help as well.

There was also a somewhat similar question asked recently, perhaps the advice given there may be useful to you as well:[](What should I do when I'm in the corner?

Sorry I was being vague, I do have footage of my matches but can currently upload them as I’m away from oc which I play on so I’ll post when I get the chance.

To be more specific, I use ryu(as any other scrub) and find myself getting cornered by characters such as Rose and charectees with dive kicks. Most players with a projectile I can manage to get into a range, but others manage to back me into a corner straight away. Once I’m in the corner, they perform block strings on me and then when I try to poke to get out the corner I get frame trapped then manage to stay in the corner. Hope that clears things up.

For characters with divekicks, go to training mode and practice using st. lk to anti-air. It blows up every divekick I can think of, including cammy’s ex if timed properly. Anti-airing in general is crucial to not losing space, as the opponents will have no choice but to approach on the ground, which is slower and more dangerous. For ryu, my go-to antiairs are cr. hp for close, mp DP for mid-range, and st. hk for far anti-airs. Although having an offensive gameplan is sometimes necessary, The core of ryu’s gameplay imo is baiting jumps with fireballs and anti-airing. At low-mid level play most people will kill themselves, so you just need to play solid and minimize your own mistakes.

ST. LK to anti-air or ST. HK for anti-airs. Well which is it, OBAMA?!

I get bodied everytime someone get’s close. I have no idea what to do.

Just block and only uppercut/counter if your opponent did something unsafe. Uppercuts/throws/jumps where to try to be lucky and get away with it will lose you matches :slight_smile: