Defending against command grab resets



So I got pretty much embarrased at a recent local tournament. Two straight times I had my opponent down to Super Skrull with all three characters, but was then unable to kill Skrull.  Dude had a really good gameplan going where he relied heavily on Skrull’s command grab resets.  Any tips on how to defend these would be great.  He used both the air and ground versions.<div><br></div><div>Thanks</div>


could you be more specific? was he in x factor level 3 for the resets? When it comes to escaping an air reset where you tech after most likely a meteor smash would be to tech forward, just be careful he doesnt read that you will tech forward and then crossunder you/orbital grudge(super armor) if your being forced to fight a skrull player who is grabbing you on incoming dont press buttons on incoming, skrull has a lot of options on incoming mixups but if you land while holding jump forward you will get past his command grabs and will be an easy punish if he does so(just be careful he diddnt dash back for an air command grab or cross you under)