Defending against command throws?

I’m getting slayed here. If I get knocked down, my opponent command throws me before I can stand. Attempting to throw escape doesn’t work. The only strategy I can think of is to not get knocked down…

Either do a fast start up reversal or jump out of the way. Also try back dashing immediately, and teleporting if your character has it. (Bison, Akuma, Seth, Dhalsim)

Jump, backdash or mash something invincible. Mashing jabs is usually a bad idea. There you go.

I’ll test moves which would interupt; so far I have been unsuccessful. Jumping and backdashing don’t work, though. I’m literally getting thrown the first frame where I’m vulnerable. It looks like my character hasn’t even stood completely and I’m getting caught.

no you aren’t, your timing is just bad

the trick is that throws beat everything that might be landing on the same frame unless it’s invincable to them. now normally you can just tech that shit but a command throw not so much. some of them are slow enough to stop before they start, but don’t bet on that happening against a good grappler as they will set it up so you can’t do that to easily escape.

you just gotta gtfo, either use something with throw invulnerability or move your ass out of throw range by backdashing (if they delay the throw some backdashes can be grabbed out of recovery) or a jump.

Bakku. Dashiru. Desu.

Hold up or learn how to reversal backdash and punish.

If you notice Gief doing SPD and always going for a command throw when you block it try to neutral jump straight up and come down with the combo of your choice.

Don’t be ignorant. When they said backdash or jump they are not lying to you just go to training mode. If they tell you it works and your obviously new why would you tell them that it doesnt work f’n mind boglin.

Restating for the third time that your timing is off. Backdash is one of the best ways to avoid a command grab, especially if your character’s reversal is crappy. You can also just jump straight by holding up or up-back, but this is rarely better than a backdash.

why don’t you just record what they’re doing to you in training mode then playback and try backdashing, jumping, mashing, whatever. and see what works best in every situation

Doing a command throw on wakeup still actually works people still actually do it wow they must have a deathwish.