Defending against DP Specifically



This move is infuriating me, I fight Ryu and Ken often and the same old tactic of run, Hadoken, and DP is used on me. You’d think since it happens so often I would have learned how to defend against the DP but it seems like that move has priority over everything. If I get them cornered it’s a wrap, but that is obviously what I’m failing to do and it’s costing me a lot of matches.

To be a bit more specific, how should I treat match-ups regarding Ken/Ryu who will only DP as anti-air/in range and run while throwing fireballs?


You could always wait full screen away and balance out focusing hadous to build ultra and lariat to build super. I think gief can build bar faster than anyone else.
Once you have 1-2 EXs then try moving it. its like a mind game. block fireballs last second, lariat through a couple. they he gets it in his head youll lariat the next and try to move in behind the fireball to trip you or some crap. then you try to jump. or get into ex hand range and ex through a fireball. I still have some problems with full defensive shotos.


Don’t jump at a shoto, especially ryu, you will just eat his ultra, either one.

Use ex greenhand on reaction to get your way through fiireballs at close range, or really slowly keep edging forwards, it will make the shoto nervous the closer you get, forcing him into the corner where you can rape him, where he will try to jump out and into you, or throw random DPs to try and push you back, just play it smart, safe and patient and you will be rewarded.


Get to know when they do it then block more.


Thanks guys, I’ll use the advice I’ve been given! It’s funny how 60% of their life goes away when I get in on them, sometimes it’s just so damn hard to to get that far. Hopefully this these tips will work for me.


If it’s an AA DP then the simple solution is that if you’re going to jump don’t be predictable. I use a mix of lariats, Focus-dash cancel and EX hand (and occasionally non EX) to approach more often than I jump (or at least I’d like to think so) I like focus since it prompts them to do unsafe things like tatsu and will make them throw less fireballs (they’re helping you build ultra) or be more aggressive to make that little piece of grey disappear. This means more pokes or jump-ins and to me that means AA lariat and EX hand becomes a more viable option. It’s not an untechable knock-down but it does leave you right next to them which is where you want to be.

Jumping still works though. Learn the range of J.Fierce (I once joked with a fuerte player that I was missing with it against him because I’m too used to punching shotos in the head with it and nothing else). At the right range you can jump a fireball and smack them in the head during their recovery. At that same range they can’t really use anything to AA you either and if they can it’ll probably be a risky and inconsistent punish.

If you’re in range where DPs will hit then yeah you have to be a bit more reserved since if they’re fighting gief it generally makes people quite nervous. If you block a DP (or in some situations where it will whiff in front of you) You’ll more often than not be able to land a Jab SPD, then green hand in for a mixup. This is on the assumption that it’s a jab DP. Higher strengths generally mean an easier chance to land a bigger punish.

The DP doesn’t really have priority over absolutely everything (I’ve seen Ryu’s trade with gief’s C.LP) but it’s a very good “get the **** off me” move and that is generally how they tend to use it. If you expect it and be patient with them then they’ll eventually give ground and push themselves close to the corner. The other alternative is moving towards gief and if you’re on the ball then they’ll be taking some damage and possibly a knock-down leading to gief wakeup pressure.

Above all: Patience. 99 seconds can be a surprising amount of time and I’m not sure anyone can change the way the match is going faster than gief once he gets momentum.


Me…if it’s Ken/Ryu…I just bulldog my way in…I eat chip, but its better than the other options. Once I’m within EXGH distance, the shoto’s change demeanor QUICKLY…either trying to escape or backdash…which ultimatly leads to escape. In other words, build a little meter, work your way into EXGH terriroty and watch them jiggle in fear…ultimatly becoming predictable and letting YOU dictate the flow of gameplay. Now if its a good poker…or heavy “” user, you need to learn that space carefully, otherwise he’ll simply search for the EXGH and fish for it using normals xx fb.

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Don’t jump in. If they are using random dp’s to beat your footsies good this means they suck. Go to training mode and just set up a ryu, ken or sagat to spam dp’s. Now you want to learn to punish for knockdown a wiffed dp here are your options from easist to do to more advanced imo sweep, clk to exgh, spd, buffered ultra 1 in a lk. Get good at punishing the wiffed or blocked dp. Learn the exgh range and get good at punishing a fb with it. Don’t be afraid to eat chip from blocking fb’s while getting into exgh range. Don’t spam this but if they are not that good you can catch shoto’s sleeping with a wiffed lpgh to lp spd. Take adantage of your mixup opertunities.


Its infuriating to get in EX GH range and they stop fireballing when you get close…even shoto scrubs seem to be getting better at this match…

But any way, i know this is not the matchup thread, but this oki mixup on Ryu is getting much harder over time as people find good tactics. I mean, there was this one ryu who would cr. mk xx DP on my cross up splash and beat me every single time! So I go to the lk knees and even though it stuffs the, its 50 -50 after than hit, and I’m usually eating a DP