Defending/countering block strings/hit confirm combos


I’m getting owned by folks who know like a single hit-confirm combo/blockstring, and I’m having trouble figuring out how to best get out of it/fight back. some sakura’s have been dominating me, and I shamefully lost against a bison who did the 3x c lk/scissor kick nonstop. cody is another guy who gives me problems if he gets inside, he hits me at will and I can’t get out of there.

I’ve figured out some stuff NOT to do:

  • panic and mash buttons, in the middle of the combo you’ll just open yourself to more stuff
  • try and counter with a high risk maneuver (i.e. shoryuken, tiger fist, etc.), itll get blocked or wiff, and you get punished
  • focus attack, the light punches will break right thru, and your done from there.

any thoughts on defending against that stuff?

any thoughts


its just as scrubby to think you should NEVER shoryu through a block string. if they don’t expect it, it could save you


The sooner you learn to block and wait for your opening to escape/do something the better


The best choice is to crouch block and watch for overheads and tick throw attempts. If you opponent is just doing repeated gap-filled block strings, don’t be too afraid to just stick a shoryu or whatever in there occasionally to keep your opponent honest. If you really want to get out of certain strings like Cody’s, stuff, then doing a focus absorb backdash works for that sort of thing.


actually mashing out an uppercut (#2 on your list) can be a legit strategy if your opponent insists on using frame traps. if they wise up and start baiting your uppercut though, it can be insanely risky to uppercut and lose 1/4 of your life to a combo, so limit how much you mash a lot until you really smell the entire frame trap block string coming.

bison’s c.lkx3 is a frame trap block string, but it doesn’t provide too many frames (the trap) in between each, so in my experience the best way to defend against such a blockstring is to do a correctly delayed crouch tech (after you block the first and slightly after you’d expect another and you won’t get frame trapped and you can still tech throws (b/c blockstrings also lead into tick throws). this frame trap will however beat you if you are mashing normals or do the crouch tech timing too quickly. so learn how to crouch tech correctly and you can avoid his tick throws and also avoid getting frame trapped. just fyi they can also wise up and can vary their frame traps to catch you even if you delayed crouch tech.

but yeah, sometimes not pressing anything and just blocking and waiting for an opening is the way to go. it’s tough though, especially in matches like rufus.