Defending Ibukis Air Mixup question

The air kunai mixup that Ibuki does on your wakeup, is that a purely random 50 50 ?

Does Ibuki control which side is attacked every time? or is it so sensitive that even she cant tell which side it truely is all the time?

Is there a trick to blocking? Of coarse Ive found the forward block to work half of the time… and I can usually block the rest of the strings if I get lucky enough to get past the kunai and next j.normal.

Ive heard “Japanese players” can block it, which is why Ibuki doesnt crush japan finals.

Ive heard “it depends on what side she crossed you up on last”.
but to me it would seem like distance is the more determining factor.

Anyone have any tips for this? or is it a true 50 50 ?

Anyone know of any top level Japanese player videos of people blocking it reliably? or any great ibuki players that are fighting anyone who know how to block it?

Ibuki’s Vortex has a couple of options. She can mix you up with Kunai, lk, mk, or her command dash.

You seem to have a problem with Kunai. The simple answer is to pay close attention to where Ibuki’s body is when the Kunai hits you as blocking is relative to your opponent. Some of Ibuki’s harder setups with this are really ambiguous, like Neckbreaker late reg jump lp kunai, so the best way to figure the mixup out is to get in the training mode with Ibuki and figure out what tips off which side she is going for.

Outside of the Kunai, I believe she also has a really good crossup with lk. Blocking Crossups comes with time and practice but if the Ibuki has some really strong ambiguous setups with lk then the strongest answer is preparing yourself against that particular situation in training mode.

Finally, learn what reversal options you have and how they fit in to ibuki’s mix up game. Knowing your options, especially if your options include a 3 frame reversal, is really important as a whole in SF4.

Tl;dr? Training Mode > Record Function.

Ibukis mix-ups are hard to block , something best explained visually… we really video tutorial on this.

Yes, the Ibuki player can control the kunai vortex. It depends mostly on the spacing and timing of her kunai to determine whether or not it will cross-up. Keep in mind that if you have a really good reversal option, such as a DP, most Ibukis go for the cross-up kunai, since it’s safer. If I throw the kunai and it will land in front of you, all you have to do is mash a DP to knock me down and get out of that situation. If I go for the cross-up kunai, if the player is a decent Ibuki, they’ll time it in such a way that a mashed DP will only result in you getting hit out of it. Even if they’re not throwing a kunai, Ibuki still has the option of doing ambiguous cross-ups, and safe-jumps, so it can be a REAL hassle to deal with.

The answer…as always…is practice. Head into training mode, set Ibuki to do a kunai vortex, and try to block it properly. It’s best if you have a friend who’s halfway decent with Ibuki, as that will be MUCH easier and much more realistic. The key to knowing this matchup is that you have to know Ibuki as well as the player who is controlling Ibuki. Once you know which way to block the vortex, what her safe-jump setups look like, what her TRUE blockstrings are, as well as gaps in her attack that leave her vulnerable to reversals, you’ll have a much easier time beating Ibukis.

Ibuki has limited options on her vortex at higher levels, despite her easier unblockable and vortex setups. Pros can block it properly on reaction. Also keep in mind that certain characters have the ability to teleport out of the situation entirely (Akuma, Bison), or even focus-dash out of the kunai (Makoto, Chun-Li), to avoid the situation. But of course, Ibuki can then just use safe-jumps, target combos, and OS to beat those out.

Ty, this is basically what I was thinking, I was just unsure if it were a true unblockable due to its 50/50 nature, or if the ibuki specifically picks which side she crosses up on. and then, if the cross up were so ambiguous that even she didnt control it sometimes X_x or not.

I’m sure some Ibukis just throw it out there randomly, hitting it will hit, many don’t know (and probably don’t care) which side it lands on. Good Ibukis will take notice of which way you block, and adapt accordingly. For example, if you ALWAYS block in the cross-up direction, and you’ve done this 2 or 3 times in a row against my kunai, I’m going to start mixing it up a lot more, since I know you’re probably not going to mash DP. Mind games.

Oh she has unblockables against a majority of the cast, most of them start off with her doing EX Neckbreakers for the easy ones. But against her regular vortex…nope…you certainly have options against it, but you’ll need to do some trial-and-error to figure out what those are.

ty Eltrouble. thats exactly what i needed to know.

You can FA her kunai but its very hard to time on wakeup in my experience.

I posted that vid a while ago on the Ken forums since I have trouble too vs Ibuki’s mix-ups.
Sometimes I try to FA kunais and then dash,but usually get hit too,so I mainly try to block the mix-up game.
But in this case I always blocked into the wrong direction.


Her kunai mix up is kind of like when Dhalsim throws a fireball and teleports. If you’re facing Dhalsim and the fireball is behind you, you don’t block opposite of the fireball, you have to block opposite of Dhalsim. If Ibuki is in front of you as the kunai is hitting you, block opposite of ibuki. If she’s behind you then do the same thing and block opposite. Easier said than done unfortunately. Usually, the later she throws the kunai the more likely it is to not cross up. The sooner she throws it, the more likely it is to cross up. Obviously, you need to be familiar with the setups to know the timing. Play against her more and with experience you’ll be able to block it more often. Not all the time but at least it’s not a complete guess.

Hopefully this helps as I’m not very good at explaining stuff and I typed this on my phone lol

Yeah kind of makes sense you would block it like Dhalsims U1 teleport game. Ill pay more attention to her height when the kunais thrown next time.

What you mean is, keep blocking the kunai even if Ibuki is behind you?

It’s about where Ibuki’s body position is, in comparison to the centerline of your character. So if she throws a kunai, and it hits you while her body is still in front of you, then you block it in the correct direction. If the kunai lands, and she’s moved past the centerline of your character, then it’s a cross-up. It’s difficult to understand until you practice it in training mode.

Block the character, not the projectile.

not sure about the bolded. when i use the mix up, the sooner i throw the kunai is when i dont want to cross up. and the latter is when i intend to cross up. different set ups i guess