Defending vs Doom AAA



having trouble…faced sum guy online who would jump back, call doom every single time. i play rushdown, i hated the fact that i had to be so patient, simply cuz he wouldnt stop calling his assist for anything. any effective ways to punish him, aside from super and snapout? what assists beat him out?


Most invincible AAA can beat Doom (Ken, Cyclops…). Also, Dooms head is vulnerable and can be hit iirc.


Captain Commando anti air is good for taking out doom’s assist, Just get a bit close when doom is just picking the rocks get close and call captain commando, He’ll just kick doom out easily,.


Almost all jumping attacks beat out doom cleanly, just watch out for him baiting you into hitting doom and counter hitting you for it; that is why sometimes you just have to block it. but if he is standing on top of doom, just beat it out, it’ll hit doom clean and put him in blockstun


thanx, for the info. im trying to avoid capcom. hows tron? i been messin with her recently, wanna start playing her in teams


Hehe… I use doom like this all the time on scrubs… call him and either combo off the rocks hit or combo them for beating on doom…

capcom AAA can easily be put out of range almost every time by simply doing a quick 1/2 dash backward before you call doom… (he’ll also get nailed by the rocks for his efforts.) Obviously this doesn’t work to well when trapped in the corner…

Obviously the best way to avoid this is to show your opp that you are a quality player whom doom rock spam won’t work on… and then we’ll stop…lol if that’s not possible for you then practice some more til it is…


Trons really good, I like her. Her projectile assist is great, and she can really go with any character.

I really like the combination of BH/Tron if you want to check that out.


o…okay. ur cool lol. mind u i beat him every time. its just annoying, and i prefer rush play over zone play, so i posted. if you got nothin, dont say nothin, simple as that


Sorry… you did ask for information to help you… not help someone else use the strat that is pissing you off… and that’s all I really offered.

Bear in mind… I was not calling you a scrub or putting you down somehow. The rocks can be frustrating to almost anyone at times… myself included. The final comments were not even aimed directly at you… more at newcomers who have a really really hard time with the rocks… I have faced some… that if you block, and use a basic ass normal to cover doom… and just keep calling him… they got no idea what to do.

My apologies if I came off as though making fun or some shit… that was not the case… no need for your hostility.


fair enuff…rage mode off lol but yea, jump in normals rapes doom apparently, thanks 50morecents. dooms alot easier to handle than i thought. getting sandwiched or caught in a blockstring on the other hand is rather ridiculous


If u want to beat someone using Doom AA, pick Psylocke AA(cyke AA can work too). If your opponent calls doom near u, mash Psylocke and try to get a double snap.


Well, thats what the Doom assist is great against…rushdowners. If you play MSP, storms ground type will break through his rocks. But there has to be distance between you and Doom. Psylocke’s anti-air will, but not all the time. With storm’s or psylocke’s, you should capatalize on it fast, snapping back, if possible with Mag (or whatev rushdowner youre using…). Most anti-airs will stop it, i.e Cyclops/Ken/Ryu/Akuma/Cammy/Guile/Son Son…They have great attack speed and range. Cyclops and Ken’s are the best though. But if theyre not in your line-up, then try Psylocke & Storm.


I’ll teach you all you need to know about Doom assist. This is also a partial addenda to 9Revolta’s post which I’ll quote, comment on, and place here.

The Doom rocks have 2 phases. The orbital/rise phase, and the launched / discharging phase. There’s a gap where you leave block stun between the 2, and you can even get grabbed during that phase. That said, you can also call an assist if you can perfectly time a release of the assist button in neutral to coincide with that frame, and quickly go back to block.

1]If Doom has just been called, you can flying hk before the rocks reach the apex and depending on the attack’s hitbox, there’s a good chance you’ll abort it.
2]Invincible [and semi-invincible] assist calls before or just after you block the rising phase of the Doom-b assist
-Unsure of Guile-a, Cable-b trades in your favor [no invincibility, safer than it looks], Unsure of SonSon, but all the others work. Psylocke-a, you have to be extremely close.
-You can also call Capcom-b, but you have to call him from far enough away that the rocks won’t abort Capcom-b. This way his lightning blast will destroy the rocks and graze Doom himself.
3]You can alpha counter between the orbital phases into Cyclops, then mass DHC trying to kill him.
-Here’s a theoretical example with a team that I plan to use that doesn’t have invulnerable AA that works against it…:
Hulk-b, Storm-y, Jin-b
3-a You follow them into the corner, block Doom point-blank, alpha counter in Hulk-b, cancel that into a gamma quake, jump lk,mk, the assist, gamma crush, XX Hail. That assist is dead, and there’s little that the point character can do to save it.
4]You can also try to rush down under the cover of a Cable-a, or Iceman-a assist which will abort Doom if he’s ever called.

I just thought of something. If the person’s just jumping back chances are they’re using Cable. Only Cable ever fights that way. Pick Spiral-a, Cable-a/b, and Cyclops or Doom-b. Rush him down with Spiral to bait him, and teleport above, behind, or below Cable to get away from Doom. You can teleport even if he tries to shoot your assist with Spiral, so Spiral’s a great choice. You can also try to overwhelm him with Spiral’s projectiles knowing you have the fail-safe of teleportation to get away from AHVB.