Defense - 101


Ok guys, I have horrible defense, this is probably due to my slow reaction time ect. However still want to know whats the optimal kind of defense I can put up despite slow reaction time. I have learned a few tricks/signals from character spacing that give a way my opponents best opportunity to jump in etc etc…

Anyway… I use Ryu, Ken, Blanka (how do you stop jumping cross-up shorts???) Iori and rock mostly.


i’m not sure if you were actually asking how to stop cross ups. if you were, here’s my 2 cents.

with blanka, rc electricity.

with ken and ryu, you can dp if you’ve been knocked down. one of my friends has the most random strategy. he rc’s a hurricane kick just to get away. it’s so retarded it works.


Blanka should do jump up HP or jump back HP. Forget about being fancy and trying to RC all the time. You think you’re Sawada or something? —> Who has the greatest nickname ever by the way. He’s the “Captain”. :lol:


If you can read a jump in that would cross up/ walk/dash/run under it. This takes some time getting used to doing,but its a very useful tactic.

As for ground defense, always keep an eye on the distance between the characters, try to get a feel of when the opponent will attack or throw a random poke. With Ryu, I do st fierce a lot JUST out of range, so if they throw out anything it’ll likely stuff it out. I tend to do cr mp in range for the mixup.


rc elec is the ultimate anti crossup. it depends if you’re comfortable doing it though. crazy damage and it’s pretty much guaranteed. when i play k, i use elec minus rc and it still works.


Kim’s cross-up will destroy electricity unless you rc it. Kim is not the only character either. Ken can do it too, as long as his limb hits first. Cammy’s j. lk…
I think you’re better off just learning how your opponent works and simply block any attack that you can’t safely punish.


again, if rc’ed, it’s the shit. if not, it will get beaten by a lot of attacks, but it’s still usable.


rock can cross up with j. short? i thought it was j. roundhouse

blanka’s s. fp and s. fk work as easy anti airs, not the best

straight up jumping fp works amazing, beats almost everything

ryu can do s. fk i think as good anti air, or d+fp

what groove[s] do you play


rock cant really cross with either effeciently, all of his Jump kicks can cross up but it either has to be a counter hit (which makes the cross up a little pointless) or certain characters crouching (I think). I’m pretty sure this is the way it works but please correct me if I’m wrong though.


Just learn which anti-airs to use in certain situations or moves. That and know which moves you can retaliate with against missed pokes and stuff. Basically, just learn how to turtle really well to beef up your defenses.