defense in SF4

I apologies if this is the wrong forum to post such a topic in but since I just signed up here apparently I cannot make new posts in the SF4 forum. but I think that since my post as both a general and overall criticism of the game as well as an attempt to prompt a metagame discussion I think it is appropriate but if I am wrong in this regard my apologies again to the moderators.

just a quick word on my background. I have played SF for years at least since the good old super nintendo days and I am familiar with the general rules of SF as well as specifics varying from game to game.

my overall philosophy is ANTI SCRUB, that is I think if it’s in the game then it’s fair play and will never call another player cheap. after all if there is something in a game you don’t like don’t be mad at the player be mad at the developer.

my criticism here today is on the mechanics of SF4. now I’m not boosting to be a great player anymore because it’s been over 5 years since I have played SF or any fighting game seriously( basically since 3rd strike). but am still decent and can adapt in game to changing tactics and mind games.

the only thing that I don’t like about SF4 is that it seems to be to be defensively based. this is not to say that there is no offense in the game, but that your options are such that the advantage is always on the side of the one defending. please don’t take me to be referring to naive turtaling, like crouch blocking or something followed by punish and through mixups.

I am simply referring to the overall lack of offense in the game. every tournament vid I have watched which the exception of rufus seems to be just one big defense punishing war.

so my question here is am I wrong that this game is defensively based? if so why do all the tournament vids exemplify that point? either way I want to here arguments that are specific.

You talk about defense like their is something wrong with it. Anyway, it depends on who is playing anyway. SoCal matches seem to be offensive matches, probably because of the style of play out there. Japan matches seem to be more defensive though. It appear that the matches start to slow down when someone has an ultra ready. Only because you can be winning a match and get hit by a random ultra, and it can shift the match. It’s a design flaw for sure. As a matter of fact, I’d say SFIV is a little more offensive than usual. Projectiles do less damage, anti-airs trade more than they don’t for jump ins, and a lot of other things. If this game was too defensive, I would think Guile would be tops in this game because his defensive options would be stronger.

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If you’re beasting someone and they get their ultra, u have to continue playing strong cause if u slip up, u’ll kno that you did…its kinda like in marvel when someones doin a combo on u, u jus start tellin em “U better kill me, u better kill me” cause in marvel if u let up on top 4, they can return the damage in no time, and they’ll show u why u shoulda been consistent and killed em…

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all SFs are defensively based

this is why you are not allowed to make new threads in the sf4 forum
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