Defensive to Offensive

So, for as long as I can remember, I’ve played really defensively/counter-ish in all of my SF games(Gief in SF2/A3/4 and Chun in 3S). With SSF4, I decided to break that and play a primarily offensive character. Needless to say, I’m getting my shit ruined, I cant grasp how to stay on someone offensively without getting smacked around and dizzied almost every round. Most opf the time I’m hanging back in that “Uhhhh…” phase.

Whats the basic course of action to follow when focusing on offense? I’m working on Guy and Dee Jay.

in before “mix it up”

I think the only players who can truly play a rushdown style are players with a good game sense. Even a lot of players who take very aggressive positions are still reacting and countering, just to less obvious things than a whiffed uppercut.

Or play a character with really cheap pressure options that don’t require reading the opponent at all. That looks like rushdown.

What’s that? I’m sorry, its hard to hear you over the sound of my gigantic iron boots chipping away your miserable life one tick at a time… :bgrin:

But yeah, rushdown really isn’t something you want to start out trying to do without a lot of experience, because you have to not only execute well, but you also have to get inside your opponent’s head very quickly, find out what scares or frustrates them, and exploit that knowledge ASAP. Hanging back and pressuring/turtling is a much safer option for people who are still working at thinking/acting on their feet (like, uh…me).

But really, learning rushdown seems to me like just one more step in the natural progression of learning a fighting game. You want to start very conservatively, learning how to defend, poke, space and bait, and as you grow more experienced and confident in how to do those things, you can gradually relax, get more adventurous, and use your experience with matchups and execution to figure out your opponent quickly (or at least make educated gambles) and get in their face to really put the heat on them.

first, youre gonna have to learn combos. being a rushdown character wont work if you dont know how to combo into untechable knockdowns to keep the rinse and repeat rushdown going.
go for the untechable knockdown (throw or sweep) and relentlessly rush that shit down with…

  1. safe jumps
  2. cross jumps
  3. ambiguous jumps
  4. empty jumps into crouching attacks
  5. empty jump throw (only if you have performed #1-4 already since they will be awaiting an attack)
  6. walk up throw
  7. walk up EX move> FADC (since they will be expecting a throw from last time)
  8. walk up block/ walk up backdash (bait) do this one usually if they have 2 bars for FADC and/or Ultra.
  9. frame traps
  10. meaties

trust me, its as “simple” as that. once you get the untechable knockdown, NEVER EVER let your opponent get up without doing any of those pressure options EXCEPT you must be very careful not to put yourself in a bad spot when they have Ultra.

this being said, you cant rushdown everybody so you should hold your defensive nature close to your heart and know when its time to back off. usually if you lose the first round then you should change up your strategy and revert to playing defensively/countering/more passive.