Hey guys,

This is a short story I wrote about an alternate universe where Dictator actually takes over the world. I left a lot to the imagination, like the whereabouts of other characters in the SF universe and what exactly Dics men look like. It’s pretty dark and violent. But I think that’s the way Shadaloo and Dic were meant to be so I’d say it’s fitting. Also, I used the Japanese name designations so Vega = Dic and Balrog = Claw.

I’m sure there’s some grammatical errors in there somewhere so sorry in advanced!! :sweat:

I hope you fanfic fans enjoy! :smile:



It was a beautiful spring afternoon. The birds glided gracefully toward one another dancing in the sky; the trees billowed in the wind and the flowers bloomed in harmonious color with the sun. He stood high above it all, gazing at it emotionless. For a moment, he even questioned what a man with conscience would feel if he were to behold such a sight. Trivial The scene was a densely populated European town, high up in the mountains. There were good people in this town, people who disregarded the conflicts of their world and lived everyday in peace and harmony with one another. But this day would be different for the kind folk of this isolated town. They had lived far from society in order to avoid violence and war. But after this day, if they could, they would wish they had remained in that wretched world from which they came. They did not expect this. Never did they imagine this brutal and sadistic hour, for this was the arrival of Lord Vega.

Their land, which only hours ago, bloomed harmoniously with the rest of the mountain, overflowing with bright purple and yellow flowers, which sat cheerfully atop well-tended and beautiful green grasses, was now tainted by a fiery, crimson mark of destruction and death. Suddenly, a drop of blood, which had strayed from its host, found its way onto the lords armor. Hm… he grunted softly as he wiped it away pitiless. He stared, for a brief moment longer at the horizon and turned away. No mercy, everyone bleeds, everything dies. Understood? Vega scolded at a group of his men behind him, who had just impaled a humble farmer. Yes, your lord ship! The men replied in unison as they scattered throughout the town to claim more lives. Vega was very irritated, the war had ended and he had won, yet there was still resistance, people still seemed to think that they could live in his world, with complete disregard for his totalitarian order. An example had to be made. The Territory of Askafrei, as the town had proclaimed itself, was founded in the year 2010 AD, during the wake of the third World War. The planet was in chaos. Riots were commonplace and crime was on the rise every minute. Some groups of people decided to escape their lives and begin anew in other places. They sought after mountains, uninhabited islands, any place isolated from the rest of society, hoping to live on and see brighter futures for themselves and for their children. They founded towns and villages and declared themselves separate territories from the rest of the world. But tensions between the continents never ceased and the rebellion grew stronger through alliance with Shadaloo. Vega was never keen to the idea of involvement in global affairs and he took no sides. He did not want to jeopardize the secrecy of his organization through involvement in global conflicts. But throughout time, he underestimated the determination of certain individuals to expose his organization. Shadaloo existed, and people knew. Some even gave their lives to help expose Shadaloos inner workings and networks, but still, The Shadaloo Organization was much larger than anybody could predict. And as for Vega, he was not to be underestimated. His definitive goal was complete global domination and this was a goal that he was determined to achieve. Vega thought it would be beneficial, if he became an ally to all of those who were fighting against freedom and peace, essentially entering the war. He allied with those forces and provided them with more powerful means of bringing about destruction. Shadaloo, through extensive scientific experimentation on humans, had created super soldiers, and had essentially grown its own private army, which rivaled all nations in mass. This was of course, done in the utmost secrecy and was the fruit of Vegas plan for world domination. The Shadaloo Organization had officially become a world power. It was not long, before the nations fighting for freedom and peace, crumbled beneath Vegas feet. Soon after, the nations who had sided with Vega and had dreamed the glory of ruling the world through their injustice, realized their error as they were forced to swear their allegiance to Lord Vega, the sole ruler of mankind. They forfeited their nations and countries to the new Shadaloo Empire. The world became a much different place, brooding with sorrow. It was very much hell on earth. Vegas first mission as ruler was to eradicate any possible resistance, starting with the small rebel territories born during the war.

This is infuriating. Vega scorned as he walked through the burning town, thinking about the other ones like it. He would make an example of this one and display to the world what it meant to go against his word. Innocent people were dying all around him. He could hear them screaming, begging for mercy. But he just smiled as they were slaughtered without remorse. At that moment, something caught the corner of his eye. It was a family running through the woods, trying to make an escape. Vega closed his eyes, when he opened them again, he was in front of the father. The man was stunned to see Vega, suddenly materialize in front of him like a wraith. He stumbled backwards and fell to the ground, terrified by Vegas cold, white stare and weeping in fear. Ahhh!! Ple- Please Mercy! Lord Vega I dont wanna die! I… I- I have kids! Please! With a bright smile still across his face, Vega put his hand out to the man and said; Kneel before me, kiss my hand, and all will be forgiven. Hesitant, the defenseless soul kneeled and reached for Vegas hand, he was of kind heart and blinded to deceit. Vega gathered his dark energy and began to concentrate it. His eyes began to glow and a malicious purple blaze engulfed his hand. To the mans horror, his skin began to boil. AUUGHHAHHH!! The man screamed in horrendous pain, crying and dripping with tears. Vega grinned with an evil glow in his eyes, as the mans flesh began to melt from his body, dripping in front of him. For your impudence, I think I will make you suffer a bit longer, before killing you. The mans arm was almost completely without muscle or tissue and the pain was so great, that he started convulsing; blood began to drip from his ears and eyes. His wife clutched their two children tightly behind him, covering their eyes with her body as she watched her husband die in tears. Vega concentrated his energy further, the mans whole body began to boil and melt until there was nothing left, just a mass of molten flesh and blood where he had once kneeled before him. At that moment, an unmasked Balrog was approaching. Maybe a little too brutal, if I do say so my lord. He said as he stared admirably at his bloodstained claws. But then again, brutal can be beautiful. Balrog graciously approached the wife. Upon reaching her, he held her chin delicately. He looked into her eyes, and she stared back distressingly as he wiped the tears from her cheek. He then began to ponder what it was like, for her to gaze at such beauty under those circumstances. Suddenly, her eyes seemed a bit calmer. And beauty is death. He said with a smirk, as he cleaved viciously through the womans flesh and that of her children. He turned and walked away as they laid bleeding in rest. The woman was smiling. Vega admired the destruction around him, confirming that the deed was done. He smiled to himself, closed his eyes and vanished…