Define Spamming?

Okay well I was playing a player match today and was losing. I was using Taskmaster and was constantly firing arrows and such. This eventually led to me winning because I nearly chipped out his characters and then when he came to attack me I just pulled out one of his combos. I felt like I cheated in a way because I was constantly using the same move. Was I cheating/spamming in this match or is this a common technique used by all players?


if your opponent can’t figure out how to beat a move, you’d have to be an idiot to suddenly stop using that move to be more “fair.”

Lol you felt like you cheated because the other player was a complete dumbass and basically lost to one move? Sounds like you played someone really shitty.

Spamming is a term that srubby players use to cope for their losses.

Yeah, this makes me feel better. Stupid dumb-asses not countering my moves haha.

What u were doing was spamming , u just don’t have any reason to be ashamed.

You should only feel alittle bad , if that spamming was your only solution to what he was doing. If your at ur wits end and all u can think of is arrows , then u need more experience and practice.

sometimes I’m too high to think of a strategy, so burn to cinder

I thought it was like zoning or something? I was just keeping him away until he came to attack me, but he very rarely did so I just chipped him out.

  1. Chucking plasma/rockets/missiles/drones/fireballs/etc without thinking.

So even if you are fireballing and dashing back every once and a while to create more breathing room to chuck more fireballs, that isn’t spamming. That is poor zoning, but not spamming.

  1. (non-marvel games) Doing wake-up srks at every opportunity because you are not comfortable with a match-up or because you don’t know shit about oki game.

If they cant figure out how to beat 1 move done over and over again its there own fault. Is it spamming? Yes. Is it still a legit tactic? Yes. Trust me you’ll get a whole lot more fun out of fighting games when you don’t worry about playing for other peoples amusement.

I define spamming as doing the same attack over with no thought process behind it.

Taskmasters arrows aren’t the hardest thing to get in on, even if you have an assist backing you up. If it was just your Taskmaster then the other guy is just really bad. Every character can super jump and block so even the less mobile characters can find a way.


There’s no reason not to use a move repeatedly if it’s working and safe to do. Isn’t the objective to use your best tools to give yourself the best chance to win?

Tournament tactics. If you’re playing to win, you better fucking play to win. Don’t feel sorry that you used something that worked.

LoL, long story short, you both suck…haha


you have an arrow what should you be doing…huh, one of does stop throwing it’s cheating.

No such thing as “cheap” or “spamming” in FG’s. “Effective” and “ineffective” should replace those two words in your vocabulary.

well you pretty much summed it up. this thread can be locked now. plus most people who say “spamming” suck. And most of the moves that can be “spammed” are unsafe.



Not even Bruce Lee was above nut-punching.