Don’t really post things like this but I think it should be interesting.

What would be your textbook definition of: zoning, spacing, and mixup in terms of fighting games?

So put it into words that someone who’s never played fighting games understand what they mean.


go here


dont close this thread i am going to make a video tutorial HELP IS ON THE WAY UNKNOWNENEMYZERO


if it’s anything like your AH vids I’m closing this thread






holy cow


Due to the sarcasm that sometimes happens in these types of threads, is that TRULY zoning and spacing in that vid?


woof with the save:tup:

This thread definitely has some potential now!

anyways …:amazed:


Woof wins the internet.


Needs more text for button commands, otherwise I’m not going to know how to perform those stellar mixups perfectly.


It’s like the kohaku had no idea what len was doing


Yes! Thank you! Now I AM playing with power!


its accurate


is now an Enlightened One


I just shat a chicken, skinned it, fried it, and ate it.


And now you know why this site gets less and less new members that actually want to stay.


because of humorless faggots like you?


“most girls do not have a winner’s mentality…they aren’t suited for fighting games”

much less female players too right


man what a sick burn

also a+ video would watch again